Monday, November 2, 2009

Lighting the way to... the Winners

This evening, 3 little pairs of hands dipped into a magician's hat ...
... and to their own delight they pulled out the three winners to my giveaway from Thursday's post.
"What are we doing this for Mummy?"
"Because Mummy is an IT DUMMY and has no idea how to procure that widget Julie has for selecting random winners"
"Because Mummy thought it would be a fun game over desert for a change!"
(Hear giggles and squeals of delight from messmonsters)

Now your answers were soooo EnTeRtaiNinG and imaginative that I put all of them into the hat. Some of you had the answer half right. Some have really inspired me for future projects. And some were just hilarious in general!  In fact, next time I will hold a contest for the most inspirational new use for a flea market find and get the messmonsters to judge!

Would you like the winners first? Or the uses for the objects? Let's try for a bit more suspense (Heck, you can always scroll down to find out if you are like me and read the last page of a book to reassure yourself that everything will work out ok...)

The answer then! Each object is indeed going to be used to make a lamp or light fixture. Some will even be for sale as soon as I get my wee online shop up and running (This week I promise myself, THIS week).
BUT it's going to take me a little time to finish them. Why?

Put your best foot forward and Light the Way!

 The shoe lasts are going to become the base for 4 individual lamps (I already have the wiring ready and the vintage lampshades) but I DON'T KNOW HOW TO WELD and am counting on our local blacksmith to help me out with fixing the other bits to the lasts. He promised he would call a month ago but this is France so you can't be in too much of a hurry...

The Bed Springs, with the reluctant help of SkippY, and a lovely big piece of flat driftwood will replace the 1 teeny spotlight I have in a sombre corner of the house.  I'm sure you're wondering how in heaven's name I'm going to pull this one off, and for that matter, so am I. But I have a little idea in mind and they usually work out! I promise it will be visually attractive (fingers crossed ;-)

March to the Beat of a Different Drum: and Light the Way

And the wee 'tam tam' will indeed be mounted on an old door as a light for a little boy's room. This one I can do all by myself - but it's going to be tricky straightening the bands on the sides after so many years of neglect. This is probably the easiest one to start with - So keep an eye out for it on forthcoming posts!

After all that, I'm a bit disappointed not to be making a pogo springy footed, drum beating  scarecrow like LULU (hear applause).

Amanda (more applause) had the great idea of attaching the springs as candle holders in the drum. Hmm, I know where there are a few more abandoned mattresses so I may have to try that one out later...

You know Tammie (so much applause-hands hurting now), I really do think we will find ourselves in a world of joy and peace if we value more things handmade, reuse, recycle, appreciate and share... at least that's what I tell my kids every day.

Don't forget you three to contact me by email with your addresses so I can post the little decorations off to you.

Thank you ALL for participating because I don't think I've had so much fun in ages (no night life obviously seeing as I'm sitting here at 1am ;-). Don't forget to pass by again to see the finished products. And I promise I'll do another give away - probably a "positive plank" next time - for my 100th post!
Happy Monday,


  1. Looking forward to seeing the completed lamps! Those are going to be soooooo cool *smiles*

  2. I can't wait to see the finished products. How creative you must be to even think of things like this. So clever...
    Best wishes, NM.

  3. Ange, I am sure that the lamps will be oh so fabulous and of course very french.

    I am counting the days also.....

    Bisous, L

  4. When did you visit the Waitomo caves? Did you go black water rafting?

  5. Clapping Hands for the clever winners... yeah!!!!

    And Clapping Hands for the clever Ange who is making all these intriguing lights.. can't wait to see the results!! I think the drum idea[s] are fantastic!!

    Well Ange I would worry about the afterall it is a little boring and not as much fun as three little pairs of hands giggling over desert!! Yippee to the the little hands too...

    Well I can't wait to see your shop.. I am sure it will be as intriguing as it's creator.

    Have a great Monday!! Ciao Ciao xx julie

  6. What a fun contest! sorry to have missed it, my own little messmonster keeps me from blog reading too often. I will try to participate if you give away some of your driftwood! Love your driftwood pieces! -kate

  7. Ann - yes I did go black water rafting and loved the glow worms in the caves... This was when I was 23 (a couple of year's ago!)

    Julie - thanks for the link! If you're here - then maybe you've put up some of your wonderful photos so I'm off to have a look!

    NM When I see your gorgeous kitchen - I see a spring of creativity!
    L I will bring them up to show you as soon as they are made.

    Thanks for the lovely comments about my work - remember though, "mincing words makes it easier to eat them later" ;-) You can judge with the results LoL!

  8. Ange - I am so excited to be one of the lucky winners. I'm pleased Lulu is also a winner because I think she could be on to a winning idea in general. What great ideas you have for actually putting these treasures to use as lights. I'll look forward to seeing the results!

  9. I am so glad you found me, Ange, because now i have found you. What a gifted artist you are! Looking forward to visiting here for my daily dose of creative inspiration. Lizzy :)

  10. *Still clapping excitedly*

    I knew you'd have a better plan for them Ange, email coming sooooon

  11. Don't worry Kate - I will come and hassle you as soon as I do a giveaway with driftwood!
    ER - Hope I will always manage to inspire! Or at least make you laugh.
    Lulu - it's nearly midnight, you can stop clapping now!!
    Amanda - It's fun for me to send something off to my home country too!

  12. Lamp and light fixtures, this is awesome. I look forward to seeing what you breath life into. This was a fun post. I read every word, no scrolling ahead, I was so excited to see my name!Congratulations to the other winners as well! Such grand fun! xo


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