Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Trick to Success...

... Is making your vocation your vacation. *

Shhhhhh... It's quiet...

My precious messmonsters went back to school today, so I'm officially on vacation and I can abandon myself to my art and solitude: two cherished things which always fill me with a quiet sense of peace and purpose.

The future is full of open doors... to new insights.

(Of course, Beaker thinks I'm always on holidays because I get to look after the kids 'work' from home,  but that's another story ;-)

For now, better race off and do the dishes, fix the washing machine and tidy my atelier home ready for tomorrow's holiday! Hey, what did I say a couple of days ago? LIFE =ART!

See you tomorrow bright and replenished!

Love Ange

*This comment has been attributed to an obviously holiday happy Mark Twain. But then again, it might not have been him. This eventuality has left me somewhat perplexed: for more, in French, click here)


  1. Ha! Looks like we have similar lives,qu'on suit le même rythme...

  2. Yes - and we are both up until all hours working at our 'real' jobs ;-)

  3. Art & sounds so idyllic...I am sitting here doing a BORING lighting plan Yawn!!! ( & Blogging he! he! )

    :) Cate

  4. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts!
    Happy day and best wishes, NM.

  5. Enjoy your "me" time, even if it is taken up with dirty dishes and washing machines!

  6. Sounds idyllic!

    isn't it great that some people think that keeping everything fixed and running at home is a permanent vacation?

    Hmmm - noticed that my previous comment didn't stick - so just to mention that those raspberry meringues look divine

  7. HI Ange
    Love this little post of yours. You know if only I could make my vacation my vocation then my two world will be aligned!! [you know what i mean]

    Take care and keep inpsiring us. xx Julie


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