Tuesday, January 26, 2010

80% of success is just showing up

Thank you Woody Allen for the encouragement - but there's still 20% to go which I think I'll have to build up slowly.

You see, I'm still basking in the joy of my whirlwind trip across the ditch to England from where  cyberspace seemed soooo far away... between Red Red Buses, Red Red Wine, Green Green parks and tales of Pokemon's Blue Blue face when he attempted (and thankfully succeeded) to swallow a marble in my absence.

Excitement is the key word here at la Rivière; one gleeful mix of zen and adrenaline rushes. Especially when I'm away.

Time now to spend a few days catching up on housework and ridding the house of marbles calligraphy. Arghhh, only HOURS to go before the end of January which marks the official deadline for sending out New Year's wishes so better get those cards done. For those of you who felt guilty sending your Christmas cards out late... You may officially start feeling better now!

 Sense of humour fully restored
Let the music play...

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  1. We all know that housework is bad for you so I hope you've got your paints out.

  2. I have so so so missed you~ Let's talk soon.
    bisous cupcake,

  3. Aloha,
    I am one of those who did not get the cards out for christmas, but I was hoping to send Valentines instead?
    Mahalo for the reminder...loving France always..
    Aloha wishes from across the sea

  4. You and I think alike, my friend. I wish this theory could apply to thank you cards, too, though. I am late sending my Christmas thank you's this year, and now I'm wondering if it would be okay to turn them into thank you/Valentine's Day cards. Sigh. I am pathetic.

    Hope your trip was spectacular. I'm missing London these days (actually, always!).

    xoxo Gigi

  5. Glad you enjoyed your trip to England, green, green with envy there. Dreading what I'll find at home after a week in Paris too!

  6. I agree with Lulu. Housework is a necessary evil at times that I think gives me hives. Serious.

    It sounds like you had a great trip, but I have to say I'm glad you're back!

  7. Dear Ange,
    I'm so glad that you had a good time in London. London is my favourite city in all the world but, I'm biased. ..... and I hope that Marblegate is a distant memory. That must have been frightening for all who witnessed it !!
    I say bugger the housework and go and be creative !!!! XXXX

  8. Welcome back Ange, make sure you get all the marbles as he is sure to have hidden a few.....under the couch, behind the fridge, the list of places is well, endless.

    Bisous, L x

  9. Greetings Ange,

    It is good to hear from you for I was not aware you had taken a trip and getting concerned not seeing any new posts, but a change of scenery is always good.

    Glad you back.

  10. Oh Ange, someone choking on something is one of my worst fears. Bugsy at 18 months has somehow developed a keen, sniffer-dog-style sensitivity to anything that can be choked on. He'll sniff it out and then suck on it. Buttons, fishing weights, coins...I'm a nervous wreck.

    I'm wondering, if I just turn up in my laundry...will it get 80% done? I'd be pretty happy if only 80% ever got finished. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Meredy xo.

  11. ~mine choked on a whistle...laying on the ground...all was quiet and i happened to walk by and saw...terrifying...glad your little one is ok and the marble survived...and welcome home! p.s.~if you sneak over to my blog there is an AWARD for you and kind of a little challenge that goes along with it...brightest blessings~

  12. Glad that the marble went down the right way (if swallowing a marble can be 'right') and no harm was done!

    Also glad you had a nice trip! That red wine and green parks sound wonderful. Don't let the housework get the best of you - it will be there later...(says the procrastinator!)

    It's always nice to come home though, isn't it?

  13. First time visit for me by way of Leeann's FF blog. You more than do justice to that driftwood with your amazing script messages. Congrats on your award today from Leeann! -Lili

  14. You do well to cram in all you do, and someone hopefully now realises that marbles arent for cramming into mouths, or noses for that matter, yep I know someone who did that using a rosehip, which ended up causing major repercussions.

  15. Hey Ange
    Well I'm a bit late for the showing up [been under the weather], but here I am now and I imagine that you would have retrieved that marble by now.. haha

    Well I'm glad you had a great time in London.. look forward to hearing your news.. love that white violin... something quite fabulous about it. xx Julie

  16. Happy to know you are well! Red wine makes everything better in my book. Forget teh housework; ir will still be there when you're in the mood.

  17. I love that it is acceptable to get wishes out til the end of January!


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