Friday, January 8, 2010

A Challenge of the Utmost Kind...

I love a good challenge don't you??

France has started its 1/2 yearly SALES.
But I am true to my word.
Mind you, my favourite shop in Toulouse
has fair trade, hand sewn Cashmere...
there would be too much other temptation
For I have joined the

And, like Tiff, I shall not falter for 365 days.
Day 8 - so far so good!

Apart from food and essential items
I too have resolved to buy only products
made by hand or recycled for at least the next year!
Probably forever.
Mind you - does organic, hand picked food count too???

This is of course a guilt-free and very cheeky way
for me to SPLURGE in the vide greniers and brocantes
this coming spring.
And to support all those wonderfully crafty artists and creators out there!

And to remain resolutely CREATIVE.
(Anyone got a recipe for fabric ink? I have some fabric ideas brewing)

And heavens! Maybe I could even make a small impact on this beautiful Earth of ours!

Now Chickpea who is nearly 11, has sprouted like a bean
and I must get her some jeans.
As I have as much creative ability with a needle as a hippo,
I imagine I shall be hitting Etsy, Big Cartel...
and the thrift shops in the next few days!

In the mean time - don't forget I'm drawing the
 giveaway competition this evening.
6 little mitts will be delving into a big box to pull out 3 lucky papers
graced with inspiring words
There is still time until 7pm in Toulouse that is!

A tout à l'heure ...


  1. Oh Ange, I am in absolute awe. What a fantastic challenge to embrace. Is it okay if I just cheer you on from the sidelines? I would be sunk in the first week with trying to go without take-away coffee! Can't wait to see how this're so creative, I'm sure you'll carry it off with stylish aplomb and we'll all be wondering why we aren't doing it too. Meredy xo.

  2. Hi Meredy! I think if you're out and about supporting local business by buying one of their coffees (especially if they're a bit savvy, as they are wont to be in Melbourne, and use recycled paper cups) then you still make the grade and won't be sent to the corner with your back to the class ;-) Having said that - I never say 'no' to help or encouragement!!

  3. I defy you to be worse than me with a needle Ange. My new years challenge is to start mending the things in the big mountain of broken but loved clothing that has accumulated.

  4. Hey Ange
    Good for you!! Well I know my limitations and like Meredy.. coffee would be my first undoing and from there.. well.. ..but .. I must say last year I bought almost nothing... I mean nothing except food and essentials as was too busy to shop. In fact it is horrifying the things i didn't buy, but my bank balance thanks me!!! In my defence when I did buy it was mostly handmade and from other bloggers so hopefully that counts!!

    Have a great day Ange and have fun with choosing the winners.. xxx Julie

  5. ~i think it is a wonderful challenge...i stopped over and read about it in dec...then had a mental block...tryuly what about the essitials?!? i asked myself...i am glad you have found a balance with this challenge of decifering what you can and can not buy! maybe i will continue to toy around with this...all i kept thinking about was underwear...i haev to buy handmade or pre~owned?? what if one of my children need underwear? are there handmade i really want to vest that much people out there really make handmade undies...ha, maybe i took the challenge a tad to literal!...glad you are doing a part to help make our world a little bit step at a person...i wish you all the will power and strtength on your journey ahead...the sales will always be there next year and who knows maybe you will not have the temptation from within when it comes around a creative living handmade way! brightest blessings~

  6. Hand sewn cashmere has me salivating, are you crazy??? No no the want monster in us all must be stifled at some point, when enough is really enough.
    Good luck.
    The Thrifts have been there too, but a bit slack at blogging, but very crafty. They begged, borrowed or barterred their way through 2009.

  7. ~i think it is a wonderful challenge...i had stopped in bec and read about it and then got overwhelmed by many thoughts swirling around my head...what abour underwear? do i have to buy handmade or preowned underwear if my childrern need the...ha! i guess i took the challennge a wee bit literal! i kept thinking are there patterns for underwear, do people make maybe i will continue pondering the challenge seeing that i can put a limitation on certain items! i wish you much will power and strength throughout this year to remain true...temptations can and are evil...but there is always next years sale and who knows by then you may have a different perspective and say sale...what sale! all my best, all it takes is one person making a small change for another to possibly want follow their lead...brightest blessings~

  8. WOW that is a big challenge, sounds like it will be fun though! enjoy all the shopping ;)

  9. It is a great idea but I too need new underwear. That said I will try and only buy second hand for most of the year - look out vide greniers here Ange (my dear budgie friend) and I come....

    Have a fabulous weekend, stay warm

    Leeann xxx

  10. That is quite a challenge! I am definitely going to try to do better...thrift store shopping is my bent anyway... Good luck!

  11. I too, have taken the Dottie Angel challenge. Here in Utah we are so lucky to have the best thrift stores in the world, Deseret Industries.

    Good luck to all who strive to buy only second hand, it's so worth it!

    Second Hand Chicks

  12. Well Ange,
    You are really putting us to shame !! I am going to try and be better, but I don't think that I can go the whole hog just yet.... although, I don't think that I do too badly.
    I wish you every success with your mission and look forward to hearing of your progress. XXXX

  13. Ok girls - I admit that I too draw the line at knickers and I'm a bit particular about my shoes.

    So I'm extending the challenge to include fair trade as well. I have found a couple of beautiful brands here in France using ecological fibres with gorgeous designs and made in France in a small business, or by fair trade. I found two evening dresses, one silk the other wood fibre that you would swear was a type of linen but with a softer feel... Will hunt around and see if I can find some pretty lingerie with the same bent!

  14. Ange, temptation time here - Veti'Relais in Cornebarrieu and Relais Frip' in Blagnac have sales on at the moment! Charity shopping is definitely OK in the challenge, isn't it..? I had a bit of a splurge there myself today, but it was all secondhand and all for charity.

    And your friends need to know that underwear is totally excluded from the challenge because everyone thinks like they do!

    It's great to have another Toulsaine on board!

  15. Alrighty Ange, that's quite a challenge...and I'm not to sure I can commit 100%. We are very lucky with our local farmer's markets that much of our food (and wine)is locally grown. My closet is stuffed full and I just need to commit to being healthy so that I can shop in my own closet again. I do love thrift shopping, so I may be able to join in somewhat. For another Quote: "Life is an oppotunity, benefit from it.", Mother Teresa

  16. Wow! Ange, this is not only a great challenge and I feel not hard to undergo and I will take the pledge, but I am in awe to your new blog that you have been working on.

    Here I have been busy working on developing a 'Directory' that still has more work ahead, especially images to be sprinkled amidst all the links and you have build an incredible second site.

    I wish you great success and all the very best. Now I am off to one of your previous posts and add my quote for the drawing.

    Warmest regards

  17. Wow - good for you for taking up the challenge! I must admit, that's something I'd love to do, but being smack in the middle of moving has caused me to be quite a consumer-ista! I need one of these...and two of these...

    I do love to buy from our local farmers markets and crafters markets from April to October! I buy 99% of my veggies and fruit there, as well as bread and divine organic sausages and coffee - mmmm! The rest of the year I have to pick over so-so organic items in the grocery store. I can't wait until the market opens up again!

  18. Hi Ange,

    It seems that I was in error when I thought you had a new blog. Thats what happens when one is tired after a twenty hour day trying to read and comprehend also what one is reading. At least this morning I figured it out, even though I am still tired.

    Warmest regards

  19. You weren't in error Egmont - it's just not THAT blog that is my new one, but another. i will let you in on it soon...


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