Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter inspiration for a Wednesday

What inspires? For me, it's virtually everything I can hear, see, touch, smell or taste - at some time or other and depending on what I am tuned into. I guess that makes me like 90% of the world's population, or at least the world's artists.

For the moment Toulouse is having a rainy, grey winter which dims the natural light inside my little farm house at La Rivière, making painting and fine calligraphy work a tad more of a challenge.

That makes it the best time for 'bricolage' (sitting inside wiring up my lights, made from the bits and pieces of 'junk' I find through out the year), and lots of blogging READING!

Flicking through my numerous books of calligraphers from around the globe and drinking in their style, precision, compostion and colour, is one of my favourite rainy day activities aside from running or mountain biking ;-) This little bijou of a book is my most recent acquisition and a constant reminder for me to look more deeply into shape and shadow, form and counter form, and composition - my personal bête noire!

Click on the image above and you will see the lettering that forms the intricate, twig-like pattern more closely.  It reminds me of the bare winter branches of the oak trees that pepper our grounds.
Doesn't it make you feel peaceful and zen?
The photo below is the back cover of her book ... Sand (read BEACH), now that's an inspirational idea for these cold wintery days. Recreate with ink the spotty texture of sand patterns. Now - how can I recreate a bit of sunshine and warmth using nothing but some astutely arranged splashes of ink? I may have to study this book a bit longer for that so don't hold your collective breath - the best I can do is offer my customary splash of ORANGE!

Denise Lach is a well known European calligrapher (to those of us who love calligraphy at least ;-), and teacher of lettering design and screenprinting at the Basel School of Design. She has a sharp eye for rhythm and balance, especially in nature, that I would love to capture by some form of telepathic osmosis, as well as the amazing talent of being able to replicate it with inks and various types of tools including plastic forks, medicine droppers and cola pens, over and above the usual nibs and brushes. Practice Ange, practice!!

Go on - you want to know what a cola pen is don't you???

Well, once again it's past 1am and I should think seriously about taking my new wee book, available on Amazon, to the quiet confines of my feather doona. I'll be back later to add a piece on Wishcasting Wednesday and Change the World Wednesday!

I can just tell it's going to be an inspirational day!!
Hope yours is too!


P.S.Don't forget!
 I still have my 'inspirational giveaway' going on here until Jan 9th
when the lucky winners will be announced!

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  1. Ange, I'm forwarding this link to a friend who is a calligrapher. Don't know if she knows this book, but I do know she would like it. Thanks for sharing....Sarah

  2. MMMmmm - Sandy beaches - what wouldn't I give to be on one of them...

  3. I knew if I popped in to see your blog you'd have something special and inspiring! I love your calligraphy bits! Happy New Year Ange! Inspirational day? I think it's going to be an inspirational year my friend. xx

  4. Hey Ange
    I DID click on the twig image and well it's fantastic.... so clever... I also clicked on the 'sand' image and you know I think you underestimate yourself.. those 'scribbles' as you call it you sent on my package are just as delightful to me.. if not more... I can look at it for hours finding the words, shapes and forms hidden within.... It's interesting what you are sharing with us,.. most of us might think Calligraphy i just formally written letters.. but it is much more...

    Hope you are warm and toasty now and getting a good sleep xx Julie

  5. I love, love, love the twigs and the sand, and the fact that you find inspiration everywhere. Today was an exceptional day and I'm looking forward to many more. Thanks for being a part of it!

  6. Very interesting post Ange. I think that getting the book and snuggling up with it is a great idea as it is very cold here and imagine that it is "tres froid" 150 kms down the road.

    Stay warm and happy painting,

    Leeann x

  7. Love the twigs. Hope you're snuggled up warm - we've had more snow here in Eastern England .....

  8. Hi Ange,
    It's my first time on your blog, really love the twigs. What an inspiration you are. I'm looking forward to doing our paper swap and you need to send me your address so I can mail "your wee package" :)

  9. Everywhere I go today I keep seeing you!! LOL

    Thank you so much for your lovely and very encouraging comments on my blog nice of you.

    I just clicked on another blog and found it is the one that you write with LeeAnn....she was one of the first bloggers I started following!

    And then I saw you over at Jackie's. I laughed at your Tom Jones comment....I love Tom Jones altho I keep it quiet, I say it's a Welsh thing LOL! I went to see him in concert once with my husband who swore me to secrecy!!!


  10. I am so glad you found I can find you! What a beautiful and interesting spot you have here, c'est tres jolie!..and so fun that you live in France...I will be moving there one day. Not sure where, not sure when...but I will.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  11. 1am - you are a night owl! Love the pictures of the word-twigs and the beach!

    Do enjoy your books and stay warm!

  12. i clicked on the twigs and ...magic! wow! you've introduced me to the artistic possibilities of calligraphy, and now this. her work is inspiring, as is yours, lass. I frankly don't know what Ms Lach has left to teach you. ;) Lizzy

  13. Ange, great post. I love patterns, the more intricate the better. Both images are lovely...very inspiring. I thought of you when I was photographing the texture in the surface of a church that dates back to 1540. I am still working on the post and will let you know when I finish it. Hope you are staying warm...looks like you have all the materials around you to make good use of your time!
    Jeanne :)

  14. Ok I clicked on the sandy beach and I found a little round orange... maybe not a orange to eat if that is sand... but it is there. TFS

    Thanks for stopping by today during a break from your busy schedule!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  15. What a fantastic post, Ange! The branches are amazing, and I found the little orange. I feel like I learn so much and am always entertained when I come to visit you! xo Gigi


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