Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let me too be called a traveler

"Dogen reminds us that to raise the mind of compassionate awakening is none other than the whole of daily activity with no concern for one's self, no thought of outcome, no sense of self-gratification. It means that whatever is, is the best that there is at this moment. Just this, wholly this, only this.

Engaging in the Way, in the life of continuous practice, means that we are constantly awakening with each new moment. Awakening is not a single event in time. Rather it is a continuous event through time. Basho wrote: Let me be called a traveler. He did not mention any destination. Just a traveler."
- Joan Halifax

I know it's another Whisky River find, when I'm behind in 3 or 4 Paris episodes and should be spouting forth my own words, but it just seemed so APT, seeing I'm travelling later on today (it is today now possums, as Tuesday passed nearly two hours ago). 

However, simple traveler that I am, I do rather have a couple of fixed destinations in mind. First...
Bristol to see mon cousin the lion stalker, and then the wonderful friends who took the above photo last time I was there... They make a fabulous cup of tea! 
Then, London Jeeves (and don't spare the horsepower!), for a weekend of 'wholly this' moments, exquisite vegetarian fare with an equally as exquisite close friend and campaigner for women's literacy, champagne celebrations. To top this all off I shall be treated to HILARIOUS giggle time with Lulu who has somehow managed to find herself a job cooking in a kitchen that boasts an enormous white marble slab! I'll say no more... Except this - I may be bringing her back here to cook for me! She is an AMAZING chef, she would brighten up my kitchen no end, and I would of course have more time to paint!

To quote dear Lulu: "Life's a very funny thing Ange - it is like trying to wrestle jelly!"
Yes, yes!  I feel the Paris Episodes would best be written with an awakened sense of humour... 
See you all next Tuesday 


  1. Have a divine trip Dearie! Take lots of photos, and have lots of laughs!

    Wrestling jelly, indeed!

  2. well this is most certainly not a witty commentaire but have a lovely time. I love London. And that marble bench thingy. Wow. Perfect for the making and kneading of dough. Xoxo

  3. Have a wonderful trip, Ange! And say hello to Lulu for me! I will have to make my travel to work enough for me until I have some time off for a road trip.

    Here's to much adventure!

  4. Ange, hope that you have a fabulous time in the UK and that the weather is kind too you. Kind enough to be able to shop :-)I am envious as I worked and lived in Bristol so know the area well. Don't drink too much champagne!

    Bisous, L x

  5. Watch out for the lions in Bristol Ange, the tart is in the freezer, plenty of jelly in London...

  6. Have a wonderful time Ange. I would like Lulu to come here so I can eat something other than my own cooking! Hey and thanks for the heads up about that light (what a mistake that would be!)and the site. xAnita

  7. What a fabulous post! and what a wonderful time you're going to have Ange! Love love love your opening quotes (actually all of them are fabulous) - definitely striking a chord hereabouts ;) Looking forward to your return. Kylie x

  8. Hey Ange
    Have a wonderful time in the UK and catching up with your dear friends. That photo of the pier is just amazing... makes me want to come too.. although I'd have to leave Sydney's summer... I do yearn to be a traveller again... Take care and have fun wrestling jelly .. xxx Julie

  9. Dearest Ange,
    It seems we will be in London maybe around the same time. I will be thinking of you fondly, traveler that you are. Wishing the best of life for you!
    Enjoy your trip,

  10. “When you are everywhere, you are nowhere / When you are somewhere, you are everywhere.” – Rumi

    ~happy travels...may your journey be filled with much joy and great delights...savor the minutes and embrace the moments...brightest blessings~

  11. Great post, dear Ange. Yes,it's all about the journey. I can't believe you're visiting the UK! I've got cousins in Bristol, too, in the Kingswood section. Will you have enough time for a side trip to Bath? Have a great time with friends and family. :)

  12. Have the most wonderful time in both Bristol (gorgeous place) and London(just as gorgeous). Have a great girlie time and make sure that the jelly is raspberry !!. Have fun. The weather has got a bit milder for you. XXXX

  13. Happy travels, Lulu sounds a real hoot, good luck with the jelly wrestling. Hope the freezing cold spell in London has eased up.

  14. Oh to live on the Continent and be able to just pop around Europe and the UK in a snap. America sucks.

  15. Have a great time, Ange. I've just done a post with final questions for the Magazine Swappers. Could you pop over when you get home and let me know what you think, please?

  16. Have a fantastic trip and enjoy having someone cook for you!

  17. Hope you have a fantastic time. I was in London myself last Tuesday but in a meeting most of the time. Managed a quick scoot down Regent Street though! I finally got around to posting a thank you for the award on my blog! Thank you again!

  18. oh, I am sure you are having a lovely time.


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