Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's your type (face)??

I couldn't help it, I promise. I was planning on writing something inspiring. But, faced with a blank page, I couldn't resist a quick peek first at some other blogs to see what was going on today and I found this quirky test from Pentagram, over at How About Orange? (love that name)

It's not so much that I have an addiction to quizzes. I don't even really like doing the magazine ones on the beach in summer - rather be in swimming! No - it's my unbridled attraction to letters, in keeping with my extreme calligraphic tendencies that piqued my interest in this psychiatrist's analysis of my ...type! 

I'm meant to be a Dot Matrix by the way - but a slip of the mouse made me answer a question wrong and now I'm not sure what TYPE I am ;-) You can only play your answers once and if you try a second time, you are gently reminded that you will become confused about what type you really are if you replay.

That suits me! I need to be all types to suit all those inspirational words that accompany me round in my head! 

What type are you? Dying to know ;-)


PS - password 'character'


  1. I daren't do it, I'd probably turn out to be Comic Sans

  2. Well that was a bit of fun! I love the person who asks questions, funny how he anxiously waits for us to fill in our info. I am 'plastica'. Not sure what I think about that. I will have to see if I can put it on my computer and see if I can take a liking to this unique font. Thanks for the fun Ange!

  3. Well I am Van Doesberg (invented by Dutch architect) - never heard of it!! Its very mid century.!! xoxo

  4. okay, that was only slightly creepy...
    I am van doesburg - I am now dying to see what you *really* are!

  5. Oh fun! I am marina script! I am thinking about changing the font on my blog posts now... it may be hard to read though...


  6. Oh Ange, I got sucked in here & am now writing this from under my chair where I'm lying curled up in the foetal position! I'm soooo predictable - rational, assertive, traditional etc. & sooooo boring. Dr. Freud told me Corbusier Stencil was me & he was spot on. Off to phone the Therapist now.
    Millie ^_^

  7. HI Ange
    I'll have to give it a go.. but truly?? Dot Matrix? It seems too uniformed for you!! hehehe.... something more variable format with attitude would suit i think...

    Off to try... xxx Julie

  8. Hi, I found your blog thru my SIL blog: My Grama's Soul.... I did the test and I was Lettre Ornates....was a surprise! If you know me you would know that I am pretty simple. :) But it was fun! :)

  9. Greetings Ange,

    When one brings up the subject of typefaces, typesetting and type design, you will find me at attention.

    When I went to school in Europe some fifty plus years ago, we were taught handwriting but we were also taught calligraphy. This is something I have never forgotten and though I certainly do not consider myself a calligrapher by no means, I like it when I have the opportunity to do some free hand calligraphy. So is it any wonder that I went and entered the world as a graphic designer and twenty years ago found myself designing and typesetting book?

    I am very passionate about type and calligraphy.

    So to answer your question, which typeface am I, the answer lies in the mood of the moment that is no different as when a woman decides upon the dress she is going to wear in order to reflect her spirit.

    Thank you for sharing,

  10. What fun! I loved his wee notepad. I am Van Doesberg.......never heard about it before but will have a look at it.

    Now all we need him to do do is tell us to lie on the couch and clear our minds, he just needs to catch you and I first.

    Leeann x

  11. hmmm ..... plastica .............

  12. Thanks for sharing - I am Plastica, which is probably close to the mark. Glad there wasn't a question about decisiveness.

  13. Archer Hairline! ....and I love it!
    That was fun Ange!
    Hope you have a happy day!
    :) Laura

  14. ...and I happen to be a Sagittarius too! :)

  15. It took me a while to figure out the password but I am a Van Doesberg.That was fun, now I have to find out what it means and I am also a Sagittarius,

  16. Cooper Black Italic - something to do with love handles apparently! If it doesn't work first time (mine didn't), just put in a different name. He's rather impatient and bossy isn't he?

  17. Hi Ange,
    I love doing things like this (it doesn't take much nowadays !!).
    I took the test but I didn't like the man !!!!!!!!
    I am:
    It was very nice and I think that he got it right.
    Thanks for passing this on.
    Now...what were you ? XXXX

  18. Heh heh. I'm Dot Matrix - doesn't surprise me at all.

  19. Hi Ange..
    Archer Hairline is my type and I had never seen it before. I love it.
    Great quiz...Thanks!
    Jeanne :)

  20. Another Archer Hairline here.

  21. Tried it under another name to fix up my mistake and it turns out that I'm actually a 'happy with my love handles' Cooper Black Italic kind of type ;-)

  22. Hi Ange, I thought I'd read what comments others had left you before taking the quizz and now I'm too scared to take it!!!! ...words like bossy, impatient, creepy, is HE really that bad?
    BTW, had a fantastic time in NZ, want to go back to live but that's not going to happen any time soon :o( Judging by your cmment left on Fabulously French, it's time you had a trip home;o)


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