Thursday, January 28, 2010

We create the world ...

...With our thoughts

Have been playing around with ideas for New Year's wishes cards (only 2 days to go. YIKES!). These, as you can see are the badly scanned, first drafts and all that I have left; the finalised ones went off this morning to my calligraphy class and I raced out of the house clutching them tight to my chest, without a second thought to scanning or photographing them.

All the while though, this phrase got me thinking... about thoughts and what I could think ... to create a world for me, my family, my friends, you ... all of us.

And then I got to thinking more, about not only MY thoughts... but YOURS too. So this card doesn't just represent my own thoughts and dreams (of peace, encouragement, success, love, joy, health, and wealth) set in ink to be sent to you. But also it is a call for you too to think about your thoughts...

Below are a list of thoughts I thought it would be nice to be thunk, and think out loud together - sort of like forming a global think-tank for creating that world we all want so much for ourselves, our loved ones and let's face it: even our not so loved ones for they are the ones that need our thoughts the most... Every one still following? Think so ;-)

Think Positive: A lifetime will always last a lifetime whether you spend it laughing or crying
Think Healthy: A healthy mind helps make a healthy body (ok, ok - still looking for proof of that one!)
Think Rich: Make each moment rich just by being where you are when you're there (are we there yet?)

Well - that's a good start for a group of busy people! What do you think?

I'd like to dedicate this post to my dad, affectionately known to me as BudBud. Admittedly we called him Budbud more for his lovingly cultivated belly than for his zen attitude to life but never-the-less, he's the man who is single handedly responsible for instilling in me down to a cellular level that it is my own thoughts that create my world. Proof that brainwashing children actually works ! ;-) Wasn't all tea and cupcakes that adolescence but I'm reaping the benefits of it now...

Joyeux Anniversaire for Saturday Budbud...
Thoughts of thanks for setting me off on the right path.

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  1. Love this post. Love the calligraphy. Love Fathers who are present.
    May I use the second picture with a link to you in my next res*o*nation post? It is inspirational to me...

  2. I like those sentiments. I'll join you in thinking them.

  3. What a healthy outlook on life. You can't control what goes on around you but you can control your attitude about it. Good fatherly advice.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. These, it seems to me, are just the right thoughts to carry with us as we head into the year in earnest. It's not until the real mud and chill of February and March that I feel truly tested. Thinking positive is, indeed, one of the best ways to not just muddle through, but thrive.

    Even your drafts are absolutely lovely, Ange! xo

  5. Here is a thought for thinking. . . To think only of the best, to work for the best, and to expect the best. I love that you called your Dad BudBud. Dads are great, and its good to acknowledge all that they did for us. Now get those cards done girl!!!

  6. I really love the first one...looks lik ehtere is a great big SMILE.
    -and the first image of Buddha...almost makes me levitate it's so beautiful. Such inspiring words....

  7. ah such a lovely post for budbud and I love your thoughts for your cards. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to!

  8. Greetings dear Ange! I have just caught up on all of your news and stories! My you have been a busy thing. I haven't seen your new blog yet so am going to check it out now.

    Have a great weekend and Happy New year!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  9. Ange you have no idea how much I needed to think those positive thoughts today. Thank you so much my friend - what a gem. How do you seem to pop up in the right place at the right time!!? xx

  10. Oh I do love a good Thunkfest Ange! You need to do a follow-up post mid-year to see how we're all going. And a prize awarded at the end of the year for the Best Thunker. I'm thinking of an all-expenses paid trip to your place for starters.
    Millie ^_^

  11. The cards look gorgeous and the thoughts are perfect. Agree about Dad's - where would we be without them.

    My father has some fabulous sayings which spring into my head when I least expect them, on is "every day above ground is a good day " and another is "the world keeps spinnig whether you are on or off it".

    Mille baisers L x

  12. Thanks for those positive thoughts, and the beautiful calligraphy that expresses them. So are you going to make it for the end of the month? I have been more mellow about Christmas wishes since moving to France - so what if they become New Year's greetings instead?

    Happy birthday to your dad.

  13. Hello Ange, very thought provoking, and so true. We are what we think!
    Thanks for visiting, I am also so glad that I decided to "Keep the dream alive", creativity in what ever form it comes in must be expressed. Happy thinking!

  14. Wonderful post. I will keep your thoughts on my mind :))

  15. Oh Ange,
    My glass is always half full, if not brimming over.
    I have always had this attitude and I think that it's hereditary.
    Your Dad has done you proud with his advice and has made you a very positive person as mine did.
    I was at my Dad's yesterday, sorting out his things and there was nothing remotely sad about him.
    I'm sure that in his 91 years he must have had his sad moments but, all in all, he was always happy.
    Your cards look beautiful. Your creative juices are working overtime. XXXX

  16. Hey Ange
    Lovely thoughts.. and calligraphy..I'll do my best to think my thyroid under control.. hahaha

    Have a wonderful weekend and best wishes for your Dad... he sounds great.. xx Julie

  17. What a beautiful post Ange, I really like it.

    Hope you had a great trip to London :)

  18. Avec nos pensées, nous créons le monde! C'est très beau. Your lovely post made Me stop and think; you are very wise.
    Best wishes to you Dad.

  19. Such beautiful prose, but I especially love the way you have presented it! Will you have these available for purchase?
    Thank you for putting some positive thoughts out there into the world, I very much enjoyed your post...
    Have a great week,


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