Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enjoying the present(s)

This morning I abandoned Doris early to go for a run. As the drizzle frizzes her feathers, she opted to stay in and tidy up the kitchen for me while I raced through the forest to let out a bit of bottled up energy. Beaker, always on the lookout for a marketable idea, reckons I should do just that - bottle my energy  - and sell it!
On that point, Mrs JM from Australia yesterday launched the  idea of harnessing the power of giggle energy to solve the world's energy problems. GIGGLE!
It's possibly my favourite word. Just the sound of it incites me to chuckle. Another word that conjures up a giggle!
Anyway, after testing out the giggle/energy theory on myself during my hour's 'footing,' as they call a jog in French, I concluded that it could work! Don't you think? Looking to Mrs JM to help me on that one on a global scale though!

Suddenly, through all the giggle-fuelled 'footing,'  it dawned on me in a particularly beautiful spot on the track that it was the beginning of autumn. The Forest was awash with all sorts of greens going browns and oranges. There's that splash of orange again... follows me everwhere!
Giggled less of course when I got back home to find Doris being a lazy pig and the only splash of orange was the juice the kids had spilt on the table... but then, they're my present(s) too...

For the French Impaired, what does my plank say? ' With Little, One Can Live Infinitely in the Present.' It is the direct result of a particularly horrendous bad hair day spent cleaning up after my 3 mess-talented, loveable monsters! Ahh - inspiration, I told you, you can find it anywhere if you look hard enough! (click on the image if you want to see it in close up.)

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