Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Dreaming (on) Mr King

Morning possums - and I MEAN MORNING, it's after 1am and my coach has long turned back into a pumpkin! Paris was as Bling Bling and fleeting as ever; a blur of activities and emotions. Sleep was but a dream of an occupation...

Speaking of dreaming and keeping occupied, I have been negotiating with my new blog now for at least 3 hours. Stimulating, frustrating, ...tiring even this blog stuff! And after all this time I find myself harbouring the same reflections I usually reserve for a particularly complicated piece of newly renovated (by me, of course) furniture:
"Where did the three hour's time go?"
Well, I managed to change my 'reactions.' GOOD POINT. And in doing so, delete all the previous reactions you had left me. BAD POINT.  Then, I did an Alice in Blogland. 'What's that?' you say. It's the art of falling through the computer screen and getting totally engrossed in a whole new world of wonderful people, places, ideas and lives (check them out in my list).  I wonder what Lewis Caroll would have made of it...
'Yawwwwwwwn.' Oops, pardon, Paris and Blogland are catching up on me.
It's time to go and live the dreams that Life defies me to live! Hmmm - and that's my garbled French to English translation of a quote attributed to Martin Luther King which, I must have somewhere in English already but am too buggered to go hunt for.
Ooh la la... bonne nuit!

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