Sunday, September 20, 2009

Singing in the Rain with D

To introduce our guest star, is what I'm here to do. So it really makes me happy, to introduce to you... introduce to you ...(anyone hearing the Muppet Show in their head???Sorry - got a bit carried away there ;-)
A big welcome to DORIS my positive pig. Her flying highness in flesh and feather!

Hovering up there, she looks like she's snubbing you but infact she's warming herself after her flight in the last rays of sunshine before the rains of this weekend (funny how our own disposition at a given moment affects our interpretation of how others see us - but that's another topic). And I say 'rains' on purpose of course, for there were many. There was one rain that was great for watering the parched plants that I had shamefully forgotten to shower this summer. Then there was a second, slightly more insistant rain that drenched the kids when they took advantage of a break in the weather to pick some figs and quinces. Then there was the last rain that battered insistently at the windows and nearly drowned our border collie to the extent that he howled until we let him inside.

Now, while I firmly believe that every cloud does have a silver lining (plants watered, kids giggling, dog washed are just minor examples), for tonight Doris and I leave you with these wise words from Crowded House:

'Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you...'

It pops into my head whenever it rains and people complain about the weather, which I find most intriguing given that the weather is something that we can do absolutely nothing about! Complaining about the weather appears to me about as futile as trying to take it with you! But that's just my simplistic view of things.

Guess therefore that I shall let the weather do whatever it pleases tomorrow while Doris and I adapt ourselves accordingly. Painting inside it shall be then piggers!

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