Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's your ultimate challenge? or 10/10 for trying!

The ultimate challenge? I thought it was a 7 day adventure race across the Himalayas and implementing a fair trade project with a local women's group at the end (at least that's what I dream about for my big 40). No, it's something else. Something far more nerve wracking and insidiously close to home...
It's trying to figure out how to upload my hand-calligraphed and hence scanned photos to Picasa for the first time, while sorting out this links option (looks like I just got the hang of it), putting on the same load of washing for the third time since yesterday afternoon (guess who never got the time to hang it out!), simultaneously quaffing a diet coke (THIS IS SOOOO NOT THE MOMENT TO GO ON A SUGAR FREE DIET), and panicking about not having painted anything yet today when I have to pick the mess monsters up from school at 4.30pm
 Angela (Oh Heavens, now my MOTHER'S HERE!)  you need to pull yourself together woman.
Rightyo then, as the word 'objective' for me has never been used in the same sentence even remotely close to that other word, 'realistic,' I propose we design an adventure race with events that closely resemble the life of a working, or non working mother. Or anyone else for that matter. On any given day, what is your ultimate challenge?

By the way - I should manage to sort the photo option out by tomorrow if I stay up all night so stay tuned!
P.S. really do LURVE you Mum!

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