Friday, September 18, 2009

Of course pigs fly. Backwards even ...

Doris has arrived. Who is Doris? All yellow (a colour that I love but, along with green, have great difficulty painting), she flew here from Bremen last night with her little red wings and a bit of help from a pilot friend who happened to be travelling the same route. Along with Maud who I will present to you one day, she has become one of my two favourite objects and is now a source of inspiration for me. Guess you can find a muse in anything. (That's very Zen, ponder that one!) Anyway, she's a little tired after her long flight so she will pop in tomorrow. Just remember to think twice before you say, "Yeah, I'll believe that when pigs fly!"


  1. I'm loving this - can't wait to see Doris.

    Great paintings too

  2. Thanks Lulu! Doris would just love to meet youtoo because she has bugs on her you see, and she knows you just lurrrrrrrrve bugs ;-)
    Will pop a painting over to you one day!


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