Monday, February 1, 2010

Elements of Real

"Time is an invention
Now is a reality..."
Bhagan Shree Rajneesh

I have personal proof of this. Very recent and believable proof too. Somewhere between today and last Thursday (date of my last posting), Time would have me believe that 4 whole days existed. 
That cannot possibly be true. 

In fact, I find this assumption completely preposterous and REFUSE to believe it! I think time was playing tricks on me, trickling through my fingers and flying by... Décidément, Mr Bhagan Shree Rajnees is right! There was no TIME at all you see. There were only successive NOW moments of Libellule's  swimming competition, oysters to be eaten with friends, the school lotto fundraiser, more friends with truffles and porcini mushrooms, runs in the forest, Bright Star ... (will put the video back in later...Gremlins got it!) Brocantes to be visited and girl guide meets. Somewhere in there I managed to squeeze in getting those 2010 cards out, housework, cooking, baking and cuddles with the messmmonsters.
But that was then and THIS is now...

In NO TIME at all over the next three days these gorgeous wine crates will transform themselves (with a little guidance from MOI) into 24 trophies to be given to the winners of the GARONNE ESCALADE TROPHEE; the fab local rock climbing competition for juniors.

(Go on - you're dying to know if I get to drink all the bottles aren't you now? ;-)
Then there are 3 more wooden pieces that have already been prepared and are awaiting final touches for the winners of my contest. They must be finished before Feb School holidays when the 'call of the ski slopes' will be too great for the family to resist.
And in case I still have a little time on my hands and ideas of doing housework manage to seep in through the cracks, I have a whole lot of little vintage pieces like these under my wing, that are in dire need of some brushwork and a little script to give them a new purpose and direction in life... soon for my ETSY shop
Tonight ... when all is quiet and the world has gone to sleep, or my world anyway, I shall sneak away from my brushes and escape into the world of YOUR blogs where time no longer exists.
Hope you're having a wonderful time... just don't do as I do and let it get the better of you!
That's all for NOW!
Love Ange

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  1. Time's non-existant here at the moment too, although for less enjoyable reasons. I'm on the mend though and all your talk of outside events is making me hope that I'll be able to surface before the holidays begin!

  2. “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.”
    Albert Einstein quotes

    it sounds as if your moments have been spent quite nicely with much love and happiness surrounding you...the dark sconce is stunning, can't waitto see it finished and will be looking forward to your etsy shop! brightest blessings~

  3. Oh, I do love a visit to your place. I, too, have been tied up with so many everyday things that visiting friends in Blogville has not happend frequently this past week. Have fun with these projects!

  4. Well Ange,
    you lost me at the mention of oysters. My favourite food...I went off in a daze , dreaming of a dozen of those gorgeous little devils, tabasco and shallot vinegar...see, I've just lost about 1/2 a day of precious time !!!!
    I've also got an urge to start rock climbing just so that I can win one of the trophies. If you have got anything to do with them, they are going to be great.
    I love your vintage pieces too. Make sure you let us have a look at them when they are finished, won't you ?
    Have a great week, Ange and let time take care of itself. XXXX

  5. Sound like it was a wonderful time to make great memories; enjoy!

  6. Sounds like a fantastic time to make great memories; enjoy!

  7. fabulous woven writing ...i so just flies!!

  8. I feel the same way about this past week! I truly want to visit with you but where has the time gone??? I can't wait to catch up, as well as to see what you do with those lovely wooden boxes! And oohhh- those little vintage pieces... divine!
    bisous cupcake,

  9. It is amazing how full ones life can be, and how somehow it all gets done...
    I can'y wait to see your new pieces!

  10. You are a amazing. You know that, don't you? I love seeing your process, these little peeks into your work. I always leave here inspired.

    xoxo Gigi

  11. There's just no time for housework when you're THAT busy Ange;o)
    Lucky Juniors to win a "trophy" like that, cool.

  12. Hey Ange
    Well the moon was fantastic and made up for all the time I wasted looking for it...!! It was one moment I would have frozen if I could [other than having the photos of course]

    Well I can't wait to see your new creations.. those little vintage pieces are adorable.. Glad you had fun over the weekend.. xx Julie

  13. Hello Budgie, I see that you are busy as per normal. Cannot wait to see you new tresors.

    Will email you re a time to chat,

    Bon courage mon ami,


  14. Greetings dear Ange,

    Dare I confess that time has a way of blending to the point of having me not know what day today is? For example and very true, I though that Monday was Tuesday and that Sunday was February 2, yet between the two, i also was aware it was Monday.

    Now of course it is after midnight and so it is Tuesday and does this mean I am reliving a Tuesday for the first time?

    So you see, time does blend even here in Northern California.

    Wishing you all the very best,

  15. Time flies...I love the wine crates...beautiful.
    I have to agree with everyone here...this is such a fun place to visit, can loose myself in blog land.
    Who wants to clean?

  16. I am guessing that this is where those signs in your next post came from. Your life sounds wonderful! Yummy too.

    I forget what kind of rocks we have here. I will have to find out and get back to you.

  17. Time is something I haven't got a lot of just now, I've committed to a few projects that are eating it up, gobbling it away in large chunks, the blogging is going to be on a diet for a bit I think. Love the calligraphy on your pieces. xx

  18. I've barely had time to change my mind these days, let alone blog and read. Today is catch up day, but I refuse to feel guilty. We all do what we can.

    Love those trinkets - can't wait to see what you do with them!


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