Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making time for surprises

Now I'm sure you'll all agree that there are some surprises that we could all do without.
Just ask my Libellule who, after an uneventful week of hurtling down the ski slopes in her usual fly-by-the seat-of-her-pants manner, missed a step on the way down to the car as we were leaving.
Libellule skis the same way she does everything else in life: most often on one leg and almost always looking in an entirely different direction to where that one leg is pointing. She's a bit prone to noticing everything else going on around her, except for what she's meant to be concentrating on. Anyway, each year it is a miracle that we don't end up in some obscure A&E, 6 hour's drive from home!
... I knew it was just a matter of time...
The silver lining?
We had a great afternoon together painting her cast
and writing the names of her favourite horses on it.
(would you call your horse CRACK??)
The more inconvenient ones notwithstanding,
one of the things I love most in the world are surprises.
Surprises are even better than anticipating the arrival of a much longed for event, person or object. Ma petite Libellule is well known for her charming propensity to notice the most exquisite cloud formations especially while we are doing her homework outside, and it is always her who spies the first spring rose, secretly picks it, brings it inside, and chooses a small hand made glass from the cupboard to display it in. All to surprise me!

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes..

Like these gorgeous pieces of glass that Lili from Fearless Nesting found while she was out on one of her regular beachcombing excursions. You should visit her blog to see the treasures she makes from all of these surprises.
Surprises are definitely things I love the most.
So when Jamie asks us "What do you wish to make time for?" in her Wishcasting Wednesday this week, I guess I would have to say, 
"I wish to make time for creating more surprises and inventing ways to surprise more people!" 
I love surprising people! 
When they least expect it...
I guess that goes without saying ;-)
Watch out ...You might be next!!

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  1. Lovely post Ange and compliments to the creators of that beautiful cast. Poor fustrating! Best wishes for a quick mend.
    Jeanne :)

  2. Oh no! What a pretty cast though! How long will it be on? more than six weeks...? :) if it is, maybe I will have a chance to sign it...
    big hug to that sweet girl,

  3. Oh Ange!
    And sweet Libelulle!

    I love surprises....could sure use a NICE one right now myself. :( pouty face

    As Ange wishes for herself, so do I also wish for her, with all my heart!

  4. Here's to surprises...the good ones!
    As Ange wishes for herself, so do I wish for her as well. Cheers!

  5. Oh the cast is only for 3 weeks - it's only a very bad sprain... And today I caught her climbing a tree and swinging her way around it (in a beautiful skirt and tights none the less!!). That's m' girl!!

  6. Poor sweetie! But what a beautifully decorated cast. And I'm swooning just thinking about the sea glass--one of my own favorite things to collect. I'll go check out Lili's place now!

    xoxo g

  7. Aw, that's great news, Ange, i'm glad she's feeling better. I was very much the same as your wee lass, and have to admit, have remained so. Thank goodness i don't drive here! ;) That cast is a work of art. Hmm, cast designing... Speaking of good surprises, i have loads of posts to catch up on here. :)

  8. As Ange wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  9. It was not really what you needed but I guess that it is a novelty for Libelulle, I know that it was for me when I broke my leg skateboarding until it got itchy! Needless to say when they cut it off, they found lots of knitting needles which had got stuck whilst itching!

    And when it turns cold again later in the week, one leg will be nice and warm.....

    Bisous Budgie, L x

  10. ah, may your little one heal swiftly and perfectly! Lovely post as always.

  11. As Ange wishes for herself, I wish for her as well. Liblelulle sounds like an enchanting person that could be the main character in a series of books that make you smile. I would love to have her sense of adventure and spirit.

  12. Aw poor thing but at least it won't put her off skiing! Love all you snowy pictures with the splashes of colour - what a true artist's eye you have!

  13. Wishing Libellule a speedy recovery!

    Your wish in and of itself is a surprise because it's not something I would have thought of, nor is it similar to any other wishes I've read today.

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also. More (happy) surprises!

  14. I hope your Libelulle, is not in any pain and uses her cast to her advantage. We also collect sea glass and just adore its watery weatheredness.
    Thank you for surprising me, with a comment on my blog this morning.

  15. great post! Hugs and healing vibes to Libelulle! As Ange wishes for herself, so I wish for her also

  16. Oh dear your Libelulle sounds like someone in my family and completely divine. Its always the way - to survive a week of crazy dangerous activity and then to injure oneself doing something innocuous. I love your love of suprises!! xoxo

  17. I'm already one of Libellule's greatest fans, and I hope she lies dramatically to her friends about the circumstances of her accident. May the clouds form exquisitely above her. Bravo to yourself for the sense of perspective and helping to bring artistry to the cast.

  18. Ha Mise if only you knew that she is the world's BIGGEST story teller. I won't say fibber because she genuinely believes all she says and keeps people most entertained. Once she arrived at school with a star fish that she told the class I had dived off a ship to the bottom of the ocean to pluck of the sand. This story was almost believed as most of the school Mums know my attraction for adventure sports ... it was when she got to my cup of tea with the Mermaid part that eyebrows and knowing smiles were exchanged ;-)

  19. What a wonderfully sweet spirit your Libellule exudes! And to think she survived all that skiing only to suffer an injury afterward. Well at least she gets to wear some gorgeous art on her leg while on the mend. And then to see a link on your post follow back to me, what a nice surprise you have given me today! Thanks dear Ange! xo Lili

  20. Well I had the most delightful surprise this weekend when I finally back into my blue room at the top of the house (guess who comandeered it for the last month?)

    A trilling, thrilling angel perched on a pea tin!!!

    Thank you sweet pea

  21. Hi Ange
    Libellule sounds like me as a child... always on the go at breakneck speed and presuming myself invincible... until i broke a limb or two.. haha... Poor petal.. at least it is not summer and preventing her from swimming!! Hope she mends quickly......

    Yes... sometimes surprises are the best.... take care of that little reckless angel.. xx Julie

  22. Oh poor little darling! But what a masterpiece her cast has become. And I love what you call her. Libelulle in my native tongue is translated into *dragonfly.* I find that so beautiful.

  23. Oh what a bummer! I am so sorry. You are the second one this week that has a broken leg...while skiing.
    Is it in the water?
    Beautiful cast though...lush colors and words.
    Hugs from Montana

  24. Poor little poppet, but I'm sure she sees the positive side like her ever resiliant Mamma. Gorgeous cast, and I think Crack is a BRILLIANT name for a horse. As for surprises, they are THE BEST thrill. Some people love the anticipation and build up to receiving, but give me a spontaneous SURPRISE any day. Uh Oh, EXCEPT for a surprise birthday party. I never ever wanted one of those, and I got one once, I secretly hated it.

  25. hi ange

    good thing theres always a silver lining! they are the best part.


  26. What a bad way to end a holiday! But I love the sound of your daughter - I suspect Libellule may have mischief in her DNA. Crack is a great name for a horse too. It made me laugh!

  27. I'm envious of that gorgeous cast!

  28. The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.”
    Ashley Montagu

    your poor sweet little one...i couldn't help but laugh because as you wrote of her all i could do was think of my littlest...may she heal quickly!

    SURPRISE♥♥♥ there is an award awaiting for you on my truly are an inspiration in all that you do...your words and your art...all done in such an exquisite manner...i adore our friendship that has become and look forward to more...

    ~as Angie wishes fo rherself so I wish for her too...what a fabulous wish...i hope that you always find a bit of time to give and receive surprises....sounds like much fun...brightest blessings~

  29. Pauvre petite!
    Me too I love surprises especially good ones.

  30. Ange what a beautiful wish! This I wish for you too! Thank you so much for introducing me to the Wishcasting Wednesdays! I put one of my own up on Oh, and thank you for the comment on the antiquing post. The funny thing is I had never thought of garage sales in Europe...

    Hope your daughter heals quickly! I'm sure licking out bowls is a scientifically proven way to make that happen! : )

  31. Dear Ange,

    I see that I have missed so very much these passed weeks and now I am doing my best to catch. So I guess it is a surprise for you to finally see me about, rummaging through your posts and letting the hours fly by.

    I truly have missed you.

    Warmest regards,

  32. Oh gosh has this post ever brought back bad memories of Nov/Dec. spent in mine!! We both missed a step, but her's was in a far more salubrious setting than mine. Hope she's coping OK & that it won't be too long before she's castless & fancifree.
    Millie ^_^


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