Friday, March 19, 2010

You've got mail!

It is nearly midnight and I have rewritten this post 5 times now. Sometimes I wonder if it is just me that takes so long to find the right words - or if you all have the same dilemma. 

Do you?

Of course, a good dose of the wearies doesn't help. Nodding off on your keyboard only reduces your alphabet to a lot of zzzzzzzz's! Never fear though possums - the old second wind has kicked in and we may now chat all evening, or rather into the wee hours of the early morning ;-) I'll just have to inspire myself with the postcard LaWendula sent me this week in order to continue (you can see it in my collage below! becoming a collage maniac).
If you've been reading along this week you'll notice that I've been on a lucky roll!
Yup - almost every trip to the mail box has been a winner!
Do I go to the mail box everyday? you ask.
Why no! But at the moment all my numbers come up
I keep hitting the jackpot
I am worried
I may be developing an unhealthy addiction to checking my letter box!

LaWendula organises a paper swap every month to which I've signed up as a participant.
This month's theme was 'Letters and Numbers' and we both had a great time (at least I did) rifling through our ephemera to find bits and pieces that the other might find useful, attractive,  fun to play with, inspiring ... or even odd. Now - the alphabets, that's my game so I could hardly not dive right into this theme. 

You don't have to be an artist to participate ... just a lover of ephemera. A collector of those stray bits and pieces that get lost in no man's land between rubbish and 'next month's project.' This swap is great for the soul. I get a real kick out of seeing an enormous envelope of my stuff leave the house. 'Yeah! Decluttering!' I say to myself, allowing myself a moment's pause to savour the emotion. 

And how do I feel, you may ask, about hiking up to the mail box and coming back with a similar sized envelope to the one I just sent away so much for the -uncluttering!? Why happier still - All is justifiable in the name of art - at least as far as recycling paper is concerned ;-)

It's getting a bit late for Madame to continue ce soir ... so take a wee peek into the treasure chest above ... It holds the key to Sunday's post!

Bonne nuit ;-) 

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  1. How wonderful to receive beautiful little parcels like this every month! It must be like Christmas for you each time you spot the larger than usual envelope!

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend Ange and enjoy looking at all of your gorgeous little treasures.

    Best wishes,

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love your collection of goodies :) Kx
    p.s. (I'm the same - sometimes the words just don't come!)

  3. Sleep before midnight? Not unless my blog post is done! I'm right there with you. ~Lili

  4. Hmmmm . . . very sneaky. I wonder what Sunday's post will be?!

    Have a wonderful weekend, lovely! xo Gigi

  5. i keep the words to a minimum in my posts. that way my brain doesnt have to think them up.
    thats a sweet collection of paraphernalia. have fun!


  6. HI Ange
    What fun to receive parcels of goodies from across the seas.. and probably just as much fun putting together your own to send.. I know I love receiving parcels, even if it is something I have purchased myself.. there is always that anticipation....

    I have to agree sometimes I spend too long re-writing my posts.. and sometimes they linger in draft world till i get inspiration... Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of life's 'pleasant' surprises.. xxx Julie

  7. parcels and packages are so lovely to receive, love the yellow

  8. Receiving parcels in the mail is definately one of lifes joys. The jumpy heartbeat while tearing open the package, full of anticipation, I LOVE it. BUT, what a dilemna when you're trying to declutter!!! That too has become my mission, so Noooooo, I mustn't be tempted with ideas such as these. xx

  9. What a brilliant idea, Ange. There is nothing more exciting than a parcel or package, is there ? The anticipation, the wondering and, if it's something boring, the disappointment !!!! haha.
    I have fallen asleep at my laptop many a time. ...and when I come round again, there is a line of whatever letter I left my finger on when I fell asleep !! Haha.
    Have a great weekend, Ange. XXXX

  10. I always think - i'll just do a quick post - but it never turns out that way. Between the writers block, the amateur photo-shopper, and the computer that behaves like a lemon, it is several hours later before I'm done. I'm almost relieved that I am not the only one. But 1.30 in the morning is getting hard to do! I'm showing my age! xx Love these wee goodies. Might have to join the next swap!

  11. Treasures in the mail, such fun and inspiration too! Yes, sometimes I go over and over what I will share in a post and other times it simply flows the first time. xo

  12. A lovely surprise to receive in the post. So colourful and bright. I didn't participate in this swap, but enjoyed receiving my parcels in the previous swaps. Participants are so generous.

  13. My dear Ange,

    I just wanted to share with you that I recognize the glass heart as I purchased two at the Getty museum in LA a few months ago. I wonder where this one came from . .

    Thank you for sharing,


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