Friday, March 5, 2010

No use crying over spilt milk!

Can't work on any project without a decent cuppa.
Has to be a realllllllly milky latte
or a great Jamaica flavoured Yogi Tea.
What ever I'm working on - well, it's just an integral part of the process.
Sometimes moreso than I initially intend it to be ;-)
Ahem. See?
I've nearly finished editing this project for an NGO
It's been fascinating...
...something I've really missed over the past 5 years
since I stopped
(praying it will lead on to those other things)

But even in moments of deep concentration
when my head is submerged in statistics on literacy levels
I look up and realise that...
Art follows me around at all times.
Even innocent splops and spills
take on an inspiring allure
Or is that my twisted way of telling myself I'm not a piggy?
I recently read that one teacher always looked at everything upside down.
And if the object was too big to be tipped upside down.
Well, he tipped himself upside down instead
to look at the world from a different angle.
Hmm maybe I should try that more often...
Although I can only imagine what dinner times would be like!

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  1. ~your mind truly never stops does it!?!?! i like the idea of looking at life from a different perspective...may have to try standing on my head next time i am having trouble seeing the magic in something! the first print almost looks as if there is a face and a pair of lips on it...brightest blessings~

  2. It is awfully pretty, and almost enjoyable, if it didn't set you back at all on your report!
    Miss you!

  3. HI Ange
    Two posts in one day! Love these little drops smudged across the page. Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  4. Angie, you always make me smile. Your comment about the teacher looking at things upside down made me think of the class, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The class has one look at things upside down to draw them. It supposed to turn off the left brain so the right brain goes to work.

  5. Your spills DO look like art!! An artist friend of mine holds her art up to a mirror, she says it helps her to look at her art objectively seeing the mirror image. Upside down sounds like a similar exercise. ~Lili

  6. those liquid splashes are beautiful!

  7. Goodness, woman! If my spills looked like yours I'd have them framed!

  8. What is that saying about life imitating art? Great advice that - standing on ones head to look at life upside down. Some days it feels upside down all day!!

  9. Accidental art - always wonderful and inspiring!

  10. Even your spills are artistic, Ange. Then, after reading your post about your poor daughter's plaster, I started thinking how alluring I would look in one and the compliments I would receive...if only hand-painted by you!

    You have a beautiful view of the world. Don't go changin'. Meredy xo.

  11. Love your post; shows that you are very creative and always ready to try someting new!

    'The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.' Julia Cameron quotes

  12. didn't someone say
    that everything an artist does
    is art?

    well someone should.

    and used this post
    to illustrate.

  13. love these types of things. Art does follow us around. I think I need to do some more altered perspectives. In fact I would like to do a massive installation piece . . .. hhmm one day.

    Thank you for such a lovely, lovely comment on my last post. I would love to come and visit you in France sooooooo much. We will have to arrange it one day.

    It is amazing how the net can put you in touch with kindred spirits, or 'your tribe' as others say! :)


  14. I, too love your smudges and drips of ink. They are their own art and and i love the way they look on the printed page. ....and, they probably look even better from a different angle. I think that we should all look at everything from a different angle, sometimes.It's no good crying over spilt ink !! haha XXXX

  15. hi ange,

    no matter what perspective you look from, i think thats also called the silver lining.

    have a great weekend

  16. Now imagine trying to recreate that beautiful spill on purpose?!?! There's nothing like the original since it proves art and beauty (yes, the beauty of spilt milk) is everywhere, even in boring paperwork!

  17. Angie, you try and let me know how you go with the upside down business. I love those images, can you work them into your art somehow...a collage of sorts..upside down or reverse perhaps?
    Have a great day..
    Jeanne :)

  18. I love that you saw/see the art in your drops. The shapes and running of the ink is wonderful, really! Your witty post made me smile, I thank you for this.

  19. I needed this post tonight...That is why I've been neglecting you...Fate. :)
    Love this.
    Thank you Ange.


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