Monday, March 1, 2010

It'll be all white!!

From this perspective ... 
high up the mountain path that leads to La Colette
(Old chapel St Pierre, where Pokemon and Libellule were Christened)
It's all white 
as far as the eye can see.
From the back yard...
To the neighbour's place
Lucky we didn't need the lawn mower!
As I arrived late to the snow fields 
(between working and property negociations)
I thought I would take a closer look at all this white.
And all I could find was
In all its contrast and splendour.
Nothing is ever as white, or black, as it seems!

(Mmm - I love the rosehip syrup my MiL makes 
- looks and tastes scrumptious on FROMAGE BLANC
But we only get the syrup if we pick the rosehips OUCH!)

It seemed there were more adults on sleds than kids!! 
Anyway - sledding is thirsty work so I thought it time for a little mulled wine ...
in an ORANGE cup none the less!

Mustard, mayonnaise and Ketchup
The primary colours!

From my vantage point in the café I 
couldn't miss this fella sweeping  his roof and 
talking to his sweetheart at the same time...

Then Libellule's orange helmet

Loved the aqua blue snow machine
(not that it was in use this year!)

Pokemon passed his 2nd star in royal colours
(I think I am just about at 2nd star level but he is faster than me)

Libellule was a gold star!

And on the way back up the 4km track 
to that well lived and loved old farm house at 1700m altitude,
with its rough wood floors, worn through hundreds of years of use,
and no heating system other than an old wood stove...

I realised that for every thing to be all white.
It wouldn't be the same without a bit of colour to 
pepper its pristineness.
That's life! 

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  1. Ange it all looks truly gorgeous, if cold!! And I love the way you colour your world. xx

  2. ~gorgeous the looks of things...seems as if your traveling adventure has been plum full of good times...wishing you my best...savor your moments with your little ones...brightest blessings~

  3. Hi Ange...
    The snow is wonderful!! I've seen so much snow in blogland this season but haven't seen the real thing in 20 years!! Maybe this winter... my legs are hurting thinking about it!

    Love the aqua snow machine!! I want one!! haha.. xx Julie

  4. My kinda post! Lovely splashes of colour against the backdrop of snow. Hope all went well for you ?

  5. Wow, they have had a lot of snow...more than Vancouver by the looks of it !! Fabulous photograohs, Ange.... and, an interesting take on things, finding the colour amongst all of that white. Your children are doing really well with their skiing prowess. I remember when I went and, all of the children looked as if they were of Olympic standard !! I was of 'absolutely hopeless' standard but excelled in the apres ski catagory !! Hoping everything is 'all white' with you ! XXXX

  6. Gorgeous images in the snow. And I am so curious how to make rose hip syrup. We have tons here and I WILL pick them!!! ~Lili

  7. Gorgeous post, it is sunny and warm here but snow is forecast for Friday :-)

    Have fun in the snow,

    Leeann x

  8. What a beautiful post, I love the snow...and the colours against it are stunning.I just love dropping by to visit you :)

  9. hi there,

    thanks for stopping by. these images look so calm and cooling - unlike my head right now! All my ideas are driving me nuts at the mo! - trying to figure out computer things like creating a SIMPLE on-line password protected blog - don't have any ideas on that do you?

    Don't hesitate to contact me anytime! :)


  10. What a great time you are having Ange. Your kids look very at home in the snow.
    No, I won't be making loose covers for my grey couch (sewing is not my forte). I think I'll be flicking this one on...need the funds for my next purchase.

  11. Beautiful! But..brrr!

    Gorgeous colours - especially the oranges!

  12. how beautiful up there in the snow covered hills.....and i too agree with a splash of color...and it does 'stem' from nature....

    even orange!

  13. Oh, I love all the colors against the snow, Ange! Especially the orange. And I make rose hip syrup, too! I adore it on pancakes or ice cream. It's worth the prickles!

    Looks like you're having an amazing time.

    xoxo Gigi

    ps Thanks for posting my giveaway. You're the best.

  14. Wow, doesn't the splash of orange look TRULY fantastic jumping out of all the white! Now I've just had a guilty twinge seeing those glorious rosehips. On the weekend we were coming back from dinner at friends, taking a shortcut through the very very old graveyard, and I spied a heap of rosehips on the many rose bushes rambling over the graves, and, I HAD to have some. Anyway it will help prolong the flowering by nipping off a few hips.

  15. Enjoy the snow! It looks you are having fun! And also I would like to tahnk you for stooping on my little world :)...

  16. I've never had rose hip syrup before but now I'm craving some

  17. I love snow, and the images you captured are filled with joy. That orange makes such a statement against the white. Congratulations on winning the giveaway Gigi was hosting!!

  18. hello from canada

    wow what a great post! im visiting via gigi, and turns out we share a few blogs in common. i have never tried rosehip syrup but i think i would like to try it.

    beautiful photos.
    have a great day


  19. also i wonder if french snow feels more exotic than canadian snow.....

  20. You're generating serious envy here on my armchair. There's a bright clarity to your photos that we don't have under these skies. A foreign friend of mine tells me that one must have both a beach holiday and a ski holiday once a year for the Nerves - is this true, in your experience? It would explain such a lot.

  21. Ange, I've never seen snow in real life. Your photos look surreal for a chick raised in the sub-tropics. It looks like a wonderful holiday for your family. Thanks so much for the giveawy link love - you are so sweet. And you haven't officially entered the giveaway either!!

  22. Ange, I love these photos. For some weird reason, snow always reminds me of super-smooth James Bond know the ones that have baddies rushing down the mountain on their ski's with AK-47's and gorgeous Bond girls sashaying around the place in furry hats. So exciting! You must think me a lunatic...but I can't help it...I'm Australian and the closest I get to snow is at the slurpy machine at the 7/11.

    The ski fields here are six hours away and we have a "travelling with the kids" time limit in our car of exactly 3.5 hours before it all disintegrates into a farce. I'm so glad you can fill me in on what actually happens at the ski fields. But, please tell me you wear a furry hat. Let me down gently.

    Your children ooze professionalism and competency. You must be so, so proud of them. Hope you've made it safely home, petrol restrictions, notwithstanding. Meredy xo.

  23. So beautiful and so far from this hot summer I am in. The colours are delicious.

  24. And you said you couldn't take photographs... these are fabulous, Ange! The snow is so clean and the colours so brilliant. We had more snow last Thursday, and guess what's predicted for tomorrow?! ratsratsrats!

  25. It looks as though you had a wonderful time! I love the photos and I also love rose hip syrup. The last year or two I switched to making a tincture and then using that to make syrup when needed with honey, ummmm even smells divine. That mulled wine sounds good to me. xo


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