Friday, February 5, 2010

Colour: the green influence

Outside the fields are lush and rich under the pelting rain ...
Inside, Chickpea is under the weather.
So we made up some emerald green spirulina this morning 
to brighten the spirits
and strenghten the immune system.
Takes me back to my very first Spirulina at Atomic Café ...
Nothing like some colour therapy for mother and daughter
(she drank directly out of the jug)!

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  1. Wooh!!! What is that?? I had to google it... I must say I don't think I'd be persuading my son to drink that down too soon... it looks like my paint jar. Enjoy!

  2. A blast from the past Ange, that used to be one of my favourite places when I lived in Auckland. Another was Simple Cottage in high street in the city - I also adore spirulina :-) Now where did I put those mung beans?


    ps I used to be a member of SAFE, SPUC and Greenpeace, not sure what this says about me.

  3. Hi Ange,
    I hope your little chickpea is feeling loads better and the Spirulina gave her a lift. XXXX

  4. Spirulina, could never drink the stuff, but used to take the tablets, great energy makers!
    Hope your little one is feeling better, and thanks for your comment, my little one is settling very nicely to school and making heaps of friends. It makes going to work so much easier :)

  5. ~funny...i just got done with google too...i had heard the name but did not know what it was used for...the most gorgeous deep green i have ever seen...i hope your little one feels better soon...mine have all been down for almost a week and i just woke with a sore throat and stuffy nose...for the love of GERMS...uugghh...happy weekend...well wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. Never heard of this but I am for anything that raises your immune system; hope your little one is getting better.

  7. Hey Ange
    I love green anything and this green is wonderful.. so rich, enticing .. and healthy!!! I haven't had spirulina for ages!! Great idea might have to get me some!! or just drink in the colour from the page!! Hope Chickpea feels better.. xx Julie

  8. What a good girl you boys will not touch anything green!
    Hope you feel better this weekend,

  9. My initial thoughts were WTF? are you giving Chickpea!! I thought it was one of your acrylic inks. Heh heh...thank God for google. Hope it works.

  10. My girls are pretty good on the vege front, but I don't think I could persuade them to try spirulina without a hefty bribe. Hope all is well again soon. xx

  11. Dear Ange,

    I am not so sure that i am able to down a drink of green, but then if I knew what was in it, it could just change my mind.

    Also thank you for acknowledging my work on The DIRECTORY and posting the banner on your sidebar.

    Warmest regards

  12. Wow!
    I had NO idea what that stuff have inspired and I must research. Great post, best wishes to chickpea, sweet thing.

  13. Hope everyone feels better for drinking the 'paint pot'!

  14. Poor little Chickpea...I hope she feels better soon. Spirulina is the greatest isn't it? I love to take it in liquid form, purely because it grosses the kids out. "Ewww, it's Shrek juice" they squeal. I remember a patient at work telling me that she suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and of all the therapies and medications that she tried, Spirulina had made the most difference to her well being. So there. You're on to a good thing. Go green, baby! Meredy xo.

  15. Lol - I thought it was paint too! Brave girl, your little one! I could never get my neices to drink this - but I'll try anything once. Hope she's well soon!


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