Friday, February 26, 2010

That's The (Human) Spirit ...

Are you all still here? More to the question, am I all here? 
If you remember rightly from Wednesday's post (what I hope was Wednesday's post as I'm clearly not here to check), I am currently galivanting around skiing and signing the final sale of La Fontiane, our house in Provence. All going well of course! And, skiing aside, between petrol strikes, incompetent real estate agents, bullying pseudo buyers and  very dodgy property lawers, to the eye of the average Ange, all is most certainly NOT going WELL! 

But let's not be pessimistic ;-) 
We're not BEATEN YET!

There is always a solution. One requiring resolve (even if I'm shaking on the inside I'm not meant to show it, right?), determination, stamina and  arming myself with large doses of a keen sense of humour, to this day not readily available over the counter in chemists across France. Meredy - can one administer your blog intravenously??? I have been asking myself this for the last week or so... Sigh. Not to worry! I have a secret weapon anyway. I have in fact spent the last few weeks incognito working on this piece... order to steel my resolve and boost my will.
It is inspired by Helen Keller, sitting up there at the top of the page, a woman who continues to inspire the entire world through her example of staunch courage, integrity and resolve in the face of many odds (OK - we'll  choose to ignore her initial terrifying temper tantrums cos all kids go through them, and she never got any of Meredy's rainbow cake to help her feel better... n'est ce pas?).

As she (Helen, not Meredy) so astutely said:

No Pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars
Sailed to an unchartered land, or 
Opened a new Heaven




This is for Elizabeth Avedon, another inspiring and talented woman.

Now - full of optimisim - I say see you Samedi 
because all will, of course, be well!
'Now don't you worry about that my goodness gracious me ;-)'

PS I am surely missing your blogs immensely as you are reading this and will be back to dropping round as soon as I am home and equipped with an unfaltering and dedicated internet connection... In the old farm house at 1700m altitude, we are just lucky to have a heated room, a bathroom and lighting!


  1. A very beautiful piece of work indeed :)

    keep focusing on what you want rather than what you don't and all will be well.

    best wishes

  2. Take Care Dear Ange...
    All will be well.. and this plaque is perhaps my favourite so far!! Inspirational and.. blue blue blue and B&W images!! Well I'm sure your next plaque will be my favourite so far also!! haha Hope you are having fun out there with plenty of skiing and a warm bed... xx Julie

  3. Hello Budgie, sounds like you are having an "interesting" vacance. I hope that all goes well with the house sale and hear that the "petrol crisis" is over now but the price of it is still high.

    Remain positive, it will all work out in the end.

    Mille baisers, Leeann x

  4. Oh, what an adventure! One can never understand how fast these real estate adventures can go so wrong in such quick manner, especially in foreign countries! I wish you safe travels and hurry home, we all miss you! :)

  5. Oh dear, Ange,
    You know that selling property is up there with, divorce and death on the stress scale, don't you ?
    It always works out in the end but, you have to have nerves of steel.
    Hope that you are having a great time and......I'm loving your work. It's beautiful. XXXX

  6. All that whizzing around in the snow sounds wonderful - refreshing!

  7. Yes, we all need bottled Meredith to carry us along. I'd take her rather than Helen Keller anyday. We're all still here, and fighting the good fight to support you. Shall we point and laugh at some property agents for you?

  8. Interesting blog. I'll be back.

  9. this is INCREDIBLE! such a whimsical piece of art. aaaaaaaah. i want this in my livingroom! beautiful!

  10. Lovely art from a lovely inspiration. How many adventures you must be having right now even though they sound a bit challenging, good thing you know how to use your inspiration, you'll do well I'm sure of it! ~Lili

  11. Beautiful beautiful piece Ange! Hope you're done with the house sale and all the difficulties involved.

  12. So excited about the Province house! I know things will work themselves out. Cheers to you for finding enthusiasm and insight while traversing these bumps in the road!

    Love the sign!!!!!

  13. Ange, I agree, keeping the spirits buoyant can be a full time occuption when you're in the midst of the daily grind. Eternal vigilance!! Your beautiful sign is just the thing to lift one's spirits and realign perspective. Clever clogs. I hope you hang this in a lovely corner of your home where it will booby-trap you into happiness often. Meredy xo.
    p.s. if my blog did come IV, it'd probably give you a sugar grateful for small mercies.

  14. Hang in there girl, all will be well. You've got the right idea using positive diverionary methods and creative outlets while the wheels are in motion.(Jeeeez they go so slow sometimes). I LOVE your latest piece of work, wish I could have it in our place. xx

  15. I hope you have Fabby time skiing! Sounds so great. I love your beautiful work..and the quote.
    C'est Magnifique!
    I wish often that I could be as fearless as Helen, such an amazing woman.

  16. Ange, a sense of humour is definitely the key to lowering the blood pressure. Enjoy the skiing. Your latest art work is wonderful.

  17. Dear Ange,

    There are plenty days in which I do not know which end is up and what day of the week it is. All a result that our plate is way to full and we are unable to address all that is before us.

    I like your artwork and it has given a shot of inspiration and i thank you for this.

    Warmest regards,

  18. wow... you are REALLY talented ! that is gorgeous work.

    pooch spirit is optimism all the way! especially when doubt tries to creep in.


  19. This is just gorgeous! love the blue on white.

  20. Oh my, this piece is...perfect. One of my favourite quotes, and so true. Well done you for your optimism, your spirit, and your art.

  21. hello ange :)
    i came here via inspiration avenue. what a beautiful piece of work!! composition,color, message ... all in perfect synchrony! thank you so much for entering this amazing piece in our weekly challenge :)
    luthien (IA member)

  22. I've just received this beautifully worked, beautifully thought out and just plain gorgeous inspirational piece with Helen Keller's quote by Ange!!!

    Ange, you are such a wonderful creative skilled artist. I'm overwhelmed and so lucky to have one of her amazing paintings! Thank YOU so much!!!


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