Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Victory belongs to the most perservering!

Napoléon Bonaparte!

As the house comes out of a veritable quarantine battlefield for the second time this winter just in time for two weeks school holidays I hold clear this image in my head!! 

Looking around I can see the housework, the 100 page report I have to edit, the 5 lamps I have to finish, the three artworks for the winners of my competition which are awaiting their final brushstrokes, and the hearts I wanted to paint and post for Valentine's day ... 

But victory is nigh! 
Like Napoleon, this little warrior shall not be beaten by the dreaded lurgy.
Yesterday I decided it was time to show my bronchitis just who's boss.  After pelting it with essential oils and a good dose of copper, I forced it onto my mountain bike where we battled it out in an hour long ride through ice and snow. I came back clearer in mind, if not in body...ONYA Napoleon. Nothing like a bit of Corsican Toulousain sunshine to strengthen the troops' morale!

And who would not appreciate a bit of English sunshine?
(especially the English ;-)
Look! I got some from Jeanne at  A Collage of Life.
~Sunshine Award~
'The Sunshine Award' is "awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world." 
My instructions are as follows: 
1. Post the award on the blog.
2. Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers.
3. Link to the nominees in a post.
4. Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blogs.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you've received this award.

Jeanne, I'm sincerely touched. This is just the day when these supportive awards really do some good for the morale. I have also been the lucky recipient of another from Faerwillow at Serendipity, but I will have to save that for another moment as there is rumbling from up above which means the messmonsters are preparing their comeback  in force... No time to lose! Finish this post before the small stuff are upon me!

Right then, instead of nominating 12 other bloggers (Hehe I love to change the rules of a game and as I'm pretending to be Napoleon today, I invoke my right as divine Emperor to do so!) I'm going to suggest you go straight to the 'followers' on my side bar, and take the time to click on 12 avatars that you don't already know. 


Because those that are 'beside me' for my journey bring me sunshine every day - there's nothing like knowing people out there love you enough to 'enlist' to listen to your ramblings...

Behind every avatar there's a real person. Maybe someone who could bring you some sunshine. Now let your own heart guide you ... 


As I rise, still coughing and hacking, to the battle cry from above, I wish you this: 
May you find the strength to perservere and win your own battles today also!


  1. You are quite a trooper Ange! And you so deserve that sunshine award! I know you make my day brighter with your optimistic and positive look at the world!
    Feel better!
    Laura :)

  2. Hi there Ange,
    Cricky, you have got a lot on your plate at the moment and everyone having the dreaded lurgy doesn't help, does it ? It's not always easy, being a mum....but, things have a way of sorting themselves out and, I'm sure the battle will be over soon and you will come out, THE WINNER.
    I hope that all will feel better soon and everyday life wont be such a battle.
    Oh, and congrats on your award. Well deserved...you certainly inspire me. XXXX

  3. “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.”
    Winston Churchill quotes

    ~stay strong dear little lady...all comes in due time and your storm within your body shall pass...wishing you health and healing...peaceful productive days...your words beauitful this morning yet with your great spark of humor to wrap it all up...hopefully you were able to ease those battle cries from above! happy sunshine award...brightest blessings~

  4. Ange, as we say in the states, "Hang in there, this too will pass." I've been a bit down with a head cold, so know of what you speak. Pace yourself and treat yourself with kindness. I've just read the Josephine B. trilogy, so Napoleon is on my mind of late as well. If you get the chance, I've recently posted edible book reviews on the first two books in the series for Jain's Food for Thought blog. Grab a cup of hot tea and relax with a read. It will give the mind and body a bit of joy.
    Take care sweet friend ~ Sarah

  5. I can not believe you are still sick - enough is enough already! You deserve a little healthy time, plus, I have missed you... (insert terribly annoying whine here)
    Did you say snow? Maybe you need a get-away. Seattle perhaps? Just a thought. (and a selfish one at that)
    Less than two months to go - I am counting the days!
    bisous mon amie

  6. Fabby post!
    Man, I need a little Napolean spirit today to navigate thru the winter blahs...
    Thanks for spreading a little sunshine to day!

  7. Way to take charge Ange...clearing out your head with a brisk ride on a mountain bike seems to have been the ticket! Congrats on your sunshine award, you do tend to inspire me every time I visit here! ~Lili

  8. Budgie, I think that a wee vacance may be the perfect remedy! Shall we run away some warm?

    Bious, the other budgie xx

  9. You amaze me! Working, biking, parenting, remaining positive--and all with that nagging bronchitis. You have definitely earned that award. Take good care of yourself, sweet Ange! xo

  10. fun how you did your award post! Indeed I will visit some of your friends.
    I have given up riding a bike in ice and snow. I am not sure how you do that? Studded tires? So glad the ride brought more life to you. And what is this; copper? How is it used? Is it like colloidal silver?

  11. Its difficult to believe you could be 'under-the-weather' and feeling poorly, you always sound so incredibly cheerful, your clever humour and way with words put you in such an optimistic, positive light. What a valient little battler you are. Try to take a wee bit of time to rest before marching forward into the daily battles. You are an inspiration to so many. xx

  12. Courage and Victory to you! A sunny sky too...

  13. What you need love is a good hot curry. I've ordered you a jalfrezi, should be round in a few hours depending on if they deliver to France or not...

  14. my patents called me after the mistress of Napoleaon ... my dad wrote a great poem about the hope I would be as strong as this women ;)

  15. Hey Ange
    Well don't let the lurgy get the better of you!! You'll be charging around orchestrating it all in no time I'm sure!! Congratulations on the award.. very deserving... you are always full of sunshine!! and bring that to your pages without fail!! Congrats and feel better soon!!! xx Julie

  16. You are just the sweetest thing! I love your optimism and happiness...is is always such a joy to visit you Ange. No wonder you won 2 lovely awards.

    Thank you for your kind and sweet words too...you really made me feel so much better after my disastrous weekend! MERCI!

    Love and best wishes from rainy Brisbane,

  17. You are a wee ray of sunshine! You have such a way with words. Hope you're feeling better today. Don't overdo the biking thing!!

  18. Ange..you are so brave and I am so impressed!

    I can just imagine how you must be feeling, so, am very touched that you managed to create this post. I love the reference to Napoleon but most of all I really like how you handled signing off the 12 nominees.

    A perfect result because at the end of the day that is what it is all about. So, many thanks for your kinds words and special thanks for giving me a few great ideas.

    Hope you are feelilng better soon and that natural Virgo surge of creation starts to shine thru soon.

    Until then, REST!

    Jeanne x

  19. I do hope you kick that cough, Dearest. Nothing fun about that! Forget the "to-do" list - just get well!

    So nice that you found some sunshine - still waiting for some here...

  20. Bonjour Ange!
    Hope you are feeling better very soon. You desrve that sunshine award. I persevered and conquered something I had been trying to do for a long time; yesterday I had a Happy Day!
    Vive Napoleon!

  21. I love that you've twisted the rules here Ange. I will do exactly as you've asked.
    Millie ^_^

  22. Congrats on your much deserved award! You are a ray of sunshine. Hope you kick the bronchitis soon!

  23. oh wow - so after my own heart what I have been reading here. Agree wholeheartedly about followers, so thank you for mine, and I will be joining your following too!



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