Friday, February 12, 2010

Tout ce que j'ai pu écrire... l'ai puisé à l'encre de tes yeux
Francis Cabrel

Seeing it's nearly Valentine's day ...
I thought I would share the words to one of my favourite French love songs
by someone who is arguably one of France's most loved singer/songwriters, Francis Cabrel

And seeing it's all about writing, and ink, and love ...
it just had to be accompanied by the very blue black ink 
within whose depths I love to lose myself so often
Which is like a love affair in itself you know... At least it is to me...

So you can either stop here or scroll down and listen to the song ... 
the words are underneath for all you budding French speakers, 
with a vague translation for those of you who aren't!
The video's nothing special: just an old door with "je t'aime" randomly scrawled on it ... 
LOve that !
L'Encre de tes Yeux

Puisqu'on ne vivra jamais tous les deux
Puisqu'on est fou, puisqu'on est seul
Puisqu'ils sont si nombreux
Même la morale parle pour eux
J'aimerais quand même te dire,
Tout ce que j'ai pu écrire
Je l'ai puisé à l'encre de tes yeux

Je n'avais pas vu que tu portais des chaînes
À trop vouloir te regarder j'en oubliais les miennes
On rêvait de Venise et de liberté
J'aimerais quand même te dire,
Tout ce que j'ai pu écrire
C' est ton sourire qui me l'a dicté

Tu viendras longtemps marcher dans mes rêves
Tu viendras toujours du côté où le soleil se lève
Et si malgré ça j'arrive à t'oublier
J'aimerais quand même te dire,
Tout ce que j'ai pu écrire
Aura longtemps le parfum des regrets.

Et puisqu'on ne vivra jamais tous les deux...

Here's the vague translation ...

Because we'll never live together
Because we're crazy, because we're alone
Because there's so many others 
Even convention's on their side
I'd still like to tell you that everything I've ever written
I drew it from the ink of your eyes

I hadn't noticed you were wearing chains
I was so busy watching you I'd forgotten my own
We dreamed of Venice and of Freedom
I'd still like to tell you that everything I've ever written
It's your smile that wrote it for me

You will often walk through my dreams
Always coming from where the sun rises
And even with all that I still manage to forget you
I'd still like to tell you that, everything I've ever written
will long wear the perfume of regret

Now, I'm going back to my love affair with my ink ... 
see you on Sunday for Valentine's day!
And more inky blue Francis Cabrel

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  1. Comme tu nous donnes de belles paroles pour célébrer Valentin. Connais tu Gilbert Bécaud; j'ai passé ma vie en écoutant ses chansons!

  2. Very nice song and such a lovely title.
    By the way, dear Ange, this is one of may fav songs and I would so much like to know what it's about, maybe you could help me a bit if you got time some day:
    Enjoy your writing!

  3. Ah and btw:
    my fav inks are also from France:

  4. Dear Ange,
    I love this post as it is a tasteful homage to Valentines Day. We don't celebrate Valentines Day as it was meant for unrequited love and ours is requited !!!!
    Your calligraphy is beautiful and the words of the song, beautiful.
    I also L-O-V-E the 'je t'aime' on those beautiful old doors.
    Enjoy the weekend of love.
    We will be with our family and friends at The Royal Albert Hall watching The Cirque du Soleil. XXXX

  5. hello. merci for coming by my blog. thank you for the intro to Francis Cabrel-- my son got married in Scotland this past year so I have been to London and Edinburgh-- France is on my list next.

  6. I enjoyed listening and following along with the english version! Beautiful song and lyrics. Between you and Leeann, I'm enjoying some lovely French love songs today. ~Lili

  7. is that your valentine to moi? j'adore~
    bisous mon amie,

  8. Fabulous, very romantic. Sending you lots of "amour" this weekend.

    Bisous, L x

  9. Lovely Ange
    Well my love affairs are all with inanimate objects also.. and I love love that Azzurro ink.. as I'm sure you can imagine!! Have a great weekend...x Julie

  10. ~may you always be with an abundance of your beautiful blue ink...your love affair spreads among we all love to see those heartfelt words written just so...beautiful song...may your heart stay forever such a sweet shade of is filled with such depth...spreading joy and flowing about...brightest blessings~

  11. Dear Ange,
    Just wanted to thank you for commenting on my birthday post for Renee. Often, people don't comment on posts like that so I want to thank you so much for your support.
    Have fun tomorrow !! XXXX

  12. Wonderful Ange, hope you are having a happy day!
    I have something for you on my recent post, have a look when you have a moment...Jeanne :)

  13. Good for you for taking the time to write with lovely ink and translate songs. That's a small different journey in itself.


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