Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paint my Love ... yellow!

"You know, the more I think, the more I feel
that there is nothing more truly artistic 
than to love People."
Van Gogh

I know I wrote this not long ago...
when I made my first attempts at painting Brismod's
favourite quote.

But I think Mr Gogh is seriously onto something there so 
I'm bringing it back.
Along with the 'final product.'

Nothing like positive reinforcement...
to chase away the winter greys.
(I'd say blues, but blues don't bother me ;-)

I mean, someone who used such cheery colours
Must truly have loved people...

Do I normally paint yellow?
Oh my lordy wordy wordy no!
I mean EVER!
I'm a blue and white only girl - 
spattered from time to time with a little orange 
and just maybe a dash of red. 
But never yellow. Funny that.
(Maybe it is due to the time that, in some weird burst of 80s glee, I bought myself a canary yellow indian cotton top and skirt. My gay flat mate's only comment at the time was, 'Honey, if you insist on making me wear my raybans  inside ...' Well... I could take  my sunshine somewhere else so to speak ;-)

So no, No yellow since then!

Yet it still most lifts my spirits.
Thanks for the challenge Brismod ;-)

This is the coffee cup I found inside the 'paint my love' tin...
So another designer obviously shares the convictions of Van Gogh
and Mme Fun & VJs
Hope you don't mind wearing your sunnies inside!

What effect does colour have on you?
Coffee anyone?

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  1. What a good idea, and what good cheer that painting brings. Can we just fling our favourite quotations at you and have you paint them or is that taking liberties with blogging friendship? I guess we could always take up a brush ourselves, If We Have To.

  2. Bravo to you Ange on creating another beautiful piece of art and bravo to dear Anita for bringing some sunshine into our lives today! I am sure she is going to ADORE her words on wood!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello budgie, budgies do come in yellow too.

    Maybe that is why you want to paint using yellow :-) Me I am the light blue budgie.

    Bisous, moi

  4. Great Gogh - that's a wonderful painting.

    I chose a colour for the outside of my house, on the basis of a tiny chip of what I took to be a soft creamy yellow - the painter painted while I was away, I returned to a livid screamy chrome yellow house and had to live with it for years

  5. Hi Ange
    Well this is just bursting with the colours of a summers day... It will be a Happy Sign for sure and I'm also sure. .well loved!!

    You know i could rant for days about how colour affects me so I won't hog your comments section in doing so.. Although this was going to be my orange week [strange for me I know] .. still working up to it!! Have fun xxx Julie

  6. ~i steer away from yellow but this color has such depth...pulls you in amd makes you smile...warms my heart and sings a song of what is to come...lovely contrast against the blue...for me...white IS a color...l♥ve white...clean and pure...beautiful painting ange...love and light and brightest blessings to you...you truly ARE sunshine in our lives~

  7. OH no.. couldn't help myself!! haha Yellow is mentally stimulating.. therefore best kept away from me after working hours.. hahaha

  8. I could use that yellow about now in Poland. Sick of yucky grey days! Bring on the sunshine Ange!
    Love your post, love your work. You are one of a kind!
    YES please to the coffee idea! ;)

  9. Love the colors so vibrant, really need a shot of yellow right now and maybe some coffe..hehe.
    I really appreciate your art work, love the energy. It inspires my to get off my duff and do something fun.
    Have a great sunny day.

  10. I can never get enough of gold and aquas and caramels too...oh no wait...caramels, I always end up eating those. I LOVE your blues too and I never think *sad*...I always think *true* Very lovely Ange. ~Lili

  11. this is such a WONDERFUL quote. I love your art that goes along with it. How fun to break out of your never yellow! I am not a yellow gal either. But never say never ~ ;-}

  12. Yellow reminds me of Spring and daffodils, the sunshine, an perfectly cooked egg yolk and everything nice.

  13. Love, love that yellow! I so crave yellow this time of year. Must pick up some daffodils today....

    Wishing you a bright yellow day!

  14. Ange:
    Posted something on City Hen just for you to answer your question about what I talked about to all those women in England. Tomorrow there will be a picture with the post, but for now it is a long read but I hope inspiring!
    I love a good story, don't you?

  15. Hi Ange, it is wonderful. Thanks! xMme Brismod

  16. Great post Ange and I love that colour yellow.

    It is warm and eloquent. No idea why I used that word to describe a colour but it is the first word that came to my mind after reading your post.

    The quote says it all. Jeanne:)

    PS...love the balance of colour on your board...

  17. Dear Ange,
    I'm not a colourful person. I wear black and I paint walls off white, string and cream.
    Someone once said to me that I must be a very miserable person (how rude was that ?) and, I think that I have proved that theory wrong ! My cup is always half full to brimming over.
    The best that I can do is to tell you that I have a massive sunny disposition ! XXXX

  18. i am not big on yellow . but you have taken it to the next level! such a wonder to se it unfold friend

  19. Ooooh Ange I'm missing my bloggers, computer on blink, REALLY badly!!! Hav to be quick before it goes again. Never been a yellow person, my hubby got into trouble when he bought me yellow flowers once, very ungrateful of me, but he's not made the mistake again, poor love. Delicious post as usual, will be borrowing VINs computer to keep up with you until mine is sorted. xx

  20. I definitely like that!
    it's great to experience a new something and this is lovely Ange!

    p.s pop by when you get a chance


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