Monday, February 8, 2010

Real Lovely things

In our electronic age of blogs and the internet, I find something reassuring about handwriting. To my mind it is what makes a person real. Unique. So when I received this parcel of lovely things all the way from my gorgeous friend in the US, I sat there for 5 minutes just enjoying reading her hand writing:

Studying the flow of it. 
The waves, the feel, the colour.
Purely for the pleasure of reading it!
I'm not a graphologist though. 
I'm a calligrapher.
which means I love words and especially
what they look like once they've floated out of a writing instrument 
that has been held in a hand, that belongs to a person...
So once I was significantly convinced that she was real and not a figment of my Mac's imagination, I set about opening the box... 
I knew some things were coming for Mlle Mimi Charmante has a shop full of beauties from which I was enticed to buy for her Haiti fundraiser. How could you not?

But, Oooh lucky me, there were some extra goodies,
the likes of which I was not expecting at all!
Things as lovely as the hand writing...
Including notebooks... (for hand writing of course ;-), 
The date is now marked firmly in my Moleskine ...
Merci ma très chère Mimi Charmante pour tous ces trésors.
J'attends avec impatience ton arrivée chez nous!
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  1. How lovely! They are certainly treasures.

  2. I love the spoons - should one eat vegetables with the one labelled 'courage' and chips with the other one?

  3. Miss Mimi does send the best packages doesn't she :) Those spoons are just gorgeous too.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Beautifully written Ange. And the images are so very lovely too! ~Lili

  5. How beautiful Ange and those spoons are you! They really are lovely things!
    Jeanne :)

  6. I loved putting that package together for you - I am counting the days until I am able to bring you some treats in person!!!
    bisous mon amie,

  7. Gorgeous Ange, there is nothing nicer than receiving a lovely package of goodies in the mail. And it is even nicer when you have a lovely french postman who insists on kissing you before he gives you your package.

    Leeann x

  8. A beautiful package from one beautiful and talented woman to another! Now that makes me smile. xoxo Gigi

  9. Dear Ange,
    Isn't it just lovely when someone sends a letter or package that is handwritten ? I never thought that I would say that phrase. It sounds so odd to me. I would never have thought that we would not be writing letters in the future, when I was young. I had to write a letter and send some things to the solicitor today regarding selling some property, and, I normally do the letter on the computer but, I've run out of ink, so I had to write it and, as I was writing it, I was wondering what they will think when they open it. I wonder if they will think I'm some old women who isn't computer literate and definitely hasn't got a computer ?
    I do write letters quite a lot to my family. I sent one today to my cousin. I really do hope that we don't lose the art of letter wrting, don't you ?

  10. Aren't those spoons fantastic? You never saw our strange spoon and fork mobile in the kitchen last week, but I think those ones could look marvelous with it!

    Thanks so much for your visit and the goodies you brought - both much appreciated!

  11. HI Ange
    Well I have to say that is one fine present.. the spoons are adorable.. my favourite silver.. and are they flattened??? incredible.. i love them. and moleskins.. well who doesn't love a moleskin.. I could spend hours walking around the stationery stores drooling over the pens and moleskins... As a child I took much pride in my handwriting.. and of course the writing implement was oh so important! i once left my favourite pen at home on the day of an exam... my mother drove all the way to my school to deliver it to me.. that's a nice memory your post has prompted...

    Well these days.. 16hr days on a pc has left my script with much to be desired... deciphering my minutes from meetings and workshops has become an almost clairvoyant activity. I will have to practice.. I admit i'm embarrassed to write a card these days..My 'MAC in a box' and your MAC will have to have a play date one day.. xx Julie

  12. The spoons are divine. I so agree with you about the written word. I adore paper and writing, and the leap of excitement when you receive a hand written note or card. I must look into learning about calligraphy, maybe I could do a course somewhere. I know I would love to. Oh heck, another thing I'm about to commit to, don't know where the time is going to come from.

  13. Lovely.
    You are a treasure. I love your words and the way you use them. You are very special, my dear!

  14. I just LOVE getting real mail! Letters and cards and parcels, with actually hand-written notes! Sigh. It's bliss!

  15. Comme c'est beau et précieux recevoir un tel cadeau qui vient de loin avec une lettre; ells sont rares de nos jours. Enjoy!

  16. Hello Ange!
    I do know that feeling of receiving a package...especially from far away..with my name written in beautiful calligraphy and with a surprise or anticipated treasure within! I love your spoons...I have similar ones that I found at Anthropologie with the names of herbs on them...perfect for my windowsill winter garden! Sorry I have been absent...still working at the office a few more weeks....Hope all is well!
    Take care, Laura :)


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