Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dancing through 2009

So here we find ourselves together, you and I in the wee hours of the morning that begins Wednesday 30th of December. Only a few more hours to go and we will all be popping champagne and sparkling and smiles. And dancing! I know I will be ... This year it just feels right again to wear some glittery tights and a girly dress, a tiny speck of sparkle and party with a few close friends.

But 2009 is still hanging in there for a day or so and I have been having a great time looking back at some of the high points. Not just in terms of fun and excitement, but more so with respect to those situations where I got to be the cartoon character with the proverbial light bulb of recognition flashing over my head. Insights! Flashes of Recognition! AHA's! They have often been my most magical moments. So many pennies have dropped over the last 12 months that I find myself now more wealthy than I could ever have imagined ;-)

One other magical moment for me, in terms of intense joy, admiration, fun and ooooh yes, heart pounding exhilaration was seeing this show that I was over-the-moon lucky to have been invited to during a trip to London last March.

If you find yourself floating around the London area, always check out what's on at Sadler's Wells. It will be well worth a look. 
One of the unique aspects about Destino was the involvement of Dance United - a dance company that works with the disadvantaged and the marginalised, including women in prison... Imagine the vision, belief and dedication it must take to bring these projects to life!

"Destino is an ambitious artistic collaboration that celebrates the belief in the transformational power of dance to affect and change lives." The programme said.
Ambitious. A great word. In this case, a slight understatement. As well as introducing young Ethopian dancers Junaid Jemal Sendi and Addisu Demissie to London (if you see their names on a programme anywhere else in the world - buy your tickets quick), Destino's finale was a unique large-scale community work which saw over 130 people aged between 9 and 80 odd, most of whom who had no previous experience in dance, performing to live music by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra! 

The thought of the work, conviction, courage and dedication that had gone into the preparation for this event gave me goose bumps during the whole performance. What will never fail to move and inspire me, is watching (and helping) people transform themselves, push their own limits, find their inner courage, and reach - or even transcend - their goals. What an example this was... sigh. I'm still reeling from the effect and it's nearly time for me to hit London again already! 

Hmm - has anyone heard of a similar concept on such a large scale involving art? If not, surely a worthy project to consider for for 2010... 

One more day or so of this first though... 

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  1. It is always so nice at this time of year to look back and remember wonderful experiences. happy new year to you!!

  2. I would love to see Destino sometime....would enjoy sharing the experience with my daughter Kate... a wonderful dancer herself...
    Enjoy your New Year's the night away! :)

  3. What a inspiring post. Wish I could have been there with you. You said so much when you stated, " watching (and helping) people transform themselves, push their own limits, find their inner courage, and reach - or even transcend - their goals. " Wow!

  4. I'm dancing right along with you, Ange! Here's to an inspired 2010, and one with many finger-snappin' dance moves!

  5. Dearest Ange, great post as usual. I wish that we were there to see the 2010 in with you but this will have to wait until another year as we need to look after our guests this year.

    Have a glass of bubbly for us and I am sure that 2010 is going to be a fabulous year for us both and I am looking forward to working together. A highlight of 2009 was meeting you -my lovely bubbly friend or as Mr FF calls you my fellow budgie on speed :-)

    Bisous, L

  6. Dearest 'Signed By Ange'
    What fun we have had this year.... and more to come next year...
    Thank you for all your encouragement and gift of friendship... I hope you will dance on through 2010.. I'll be watching and cheering!!!

    xxx Julie & Ruby


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