Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't Forget Brimont or What does 700 kg of Champagne look like?

I think I should start with a disclaimer :

First of all, I assure you, it's not all for me (and you can't even see the top). It's not even all for the family. However, this was of no consolation to the poor DHL truck driver who skidded his way down the driveway past the house and into the horse-fields below. It's been raining recently... And he had to drive back up the track... I called SkippY and we briefly thought about getting a tractor to pull him up. After much swearing and huffing saintly patience the truck arrived in front of the garage. Needless to say that on his way out, the driver very politely wished me a bubbly festive season, mentioning on the side that he hoped we would never see each other again - at least not under the same circumstances.

How did all this come about? You may well ask! It all started about 8 year's ago when Beaker, at the time a budding wine buff, happened upon a huge feature article in "Vins de France" magazine in which their expert oenologue got about comparing France's champagne brands. Luckily for us, that year the comparison was not between bottles of the same price range but about quality and taste, regardless of the price. So we found a few champagnes that were rated above such notables as Ruinart, Mumm, Moët & Chandon, Laurent Perrier : the list goes on! As such, we were able to find a selection of some of France's best champagne - at between 10 Euros and 15 Euros per bottle. Needless to say, the same feature article the following year compared brands by price range!  Who got their fingers smacked I wonder?

This of course necessitated a wee drive to Reims, Epernay and throughout the rest of the beautiful champagne region to put the tastebuds to the test! We came back from the first trip with about 100 bottles to last through the festivities of that year... You can make your own decisions as to whether we are party people or not ;-)

Since moving to Toulouse, with three messmonsters, the drive up to Champagne doesn't happen once a year anymore. But we still have our favourites from our initial selection. My personal fave being 'Forget (pronounced "Forjay" not forget) Brimont.'  Whatever you do, don't Forget it!!

I adore extra brut champagne: Those really dry bubbles with very little liqueur. How I got into adoring that is going to be the subject of this Friday's "Paris Episodes," featuring some very zany parisians with a penchant for 18th century antiques and pastels... But I digress. Forget Brimont, if you ask them two months in advance, can even supply 0% liqueur (at least they do for us, I hope I don't have to eat drink my own words later) - which I adore and which is wonderful both for apéritif and certain dinner party dishes.  Sounds dubious I know but (nodding head vigorously) "Trust me!" I've just spent the last 8 years hosting all champagne dinner parties and wine tastings. Anyone want to be invited to the next one - let me know!!

The result of all these parties has been a constantly growing fan club for Forget Brimont (and others who I will introduce you to on Friday) that now prevents us from driving our people mover to Champagne with the kids to pick it up ourselves... if you catch my drift. We nearly had to leave the poor possums in Champagne last time ;-)

And of course, I would take your order for next year... but Monsieur Brimont will have to find a new delivery company !

Well my posts are meant to be about my art, and about inspiring people. But sometimes life nudges its way back in there and there's something about a 700kg package of bubbles that I personally find inspiring anyway.
A votre santé!!


  1. I'm a champagne girl! It is definitely my drink of choice. I usually drink Laurent Perrier or Perrier Jouet, but will not "forget" to look for Forget Brimont. Always enjoy my visits here. Thanks! ~ Sarah

  2. If I had been there, we probably would have found a way to sneak a case out of that truck, you know... Oh what fun that would be!

  3. I just had to get my calculator out to work out how many bottles of delicious bubbles you have there!!!! I think it's just one big happy party at your house, and yes please, put my name on the invite list! Cheers!

  4. Hi Ange,
    I've been meaning to drop you a line on your blog since I discovered it and never gotten around to do it.
    But I must say that since you told me about it I have started getting used to my daily Angela fix, this is such an amazing blog! What makes it so amazing it that it is really YOU in every word, every picture, every punctuation!
    Way to go girl!
    Loads of bisous!

    PS: I guess I know what we'll be drinking when I come to Toulouse:-)
    PSS:18th century and pastels??? hmmmm...

  5. I do many a wine tasting when I visit Niagara-on-the-Lake, one of Canada's main wine growing areas. I'd looove to do a Canada-France comparison, though my system has bad memories of a champagne induced hangover. I'll have to give it another try once the memories fade!

  6. Sounds like it is a party at yours!

    And I know how yummy that champagne is having now had a few bottles with you my dear friend.

    It is pink and very bubbly just like you....


    L x

  7. Definitely party people. I won't forget either. Cheers!

  8. Did somebody say champagne?
    How exciting for you, a party! And yes seeing all of the cases of Rose' champagne is very inspiring, it conjours up images of colours, fizz and pop. Have a great time!

  9. Oh. My. Hat. I have green eyes naturally but they are sparkling with envy now! I sure do wish that Australia wasn't so far away from France otherwise I'd be begging for an invite right now!
    Also, just wanted to let you know my tattoo's are healing nicely AND I even got a haircut (that I was unhappy with!) so you know, life goes on, right?!
    Wishing you are VERY merry festive season. You're an inspiration, keep up the good work!


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