Sunday, December 27, 2009

Light the Way ... to 2010

Let nothing dim the light that shines from within...
Maya Angelou

It seems fitting that, as 2009 slowly draws to a close, we finalise old projects in order to make way for the new... Remember these?

You first met them on my blog here when they were still scuffing their toes loafing around in my hallway, waiting for some TLC from me and looking for a bit of purpose in life.

"You must put your best foot forward," I told them, "if you want to move on to bigger things!" So together we decided they would shed a little light on the future. Finally, with an old bike fork, a bit of welding help from my Ferronnier, a thrifted glass lampshade from a  vide-grenier and some deft wiring skills, this is what we came up with:

You will note that I managed to restrain myself from taking to the poor things with a paint brush and my 'patine' effect (Sighs of relief. Applause). My how difficult it is to leave the past behind. I guess it's more about constantly reinventing it so that it molds and shapes itself to the present...

I had to add my signature touch though, in the form of the quote at the top of this post. I've already used it here too. Words always provide a conscious reminder for me to remain in the present and to focus on the positive. No exceptions.

I can see from the exuberant post Christmas posts that you are all full steam ahead already on 2010's projects. Before I get far too ahead of myself, as I am wont to do, I promise myself to take stock of this last year, acknowledge it's highs and lows and objectively observe the results.  This ain't gonna be easy as I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of the low points. I'm sure there were some, but I seem to have misplaced them somewhere. I must start taking things a little more seriously...

Mostly though, I am going to spend the next couple of days finalising the old projects and consolidating so my next foot forward is not only on solid ground, but REALLY my best! Mind you, how could it not be with the fabulous new pair of snuggly warm slippers I found lounging in a box with my name on it under ze Sapin !!!
Anyway, now that all three of my cherished messmonsters have been lovingly kidnapped by the PiL I am officially on holidays for five whole days. Paradoxically, this means I am free to WORK to my heart's content. Oh Joy! Oh Peace!
Oh Singing Really Loudly to my favourite songs while I 'illuminate' my home!!!

This first lamp is going to help light our very pretty, but rather dark French farmhouse. The next ones will be for sale (at very reasonable prices!). Don't hesitate to email me for details.

More lamps to light your way coming over the next few days
(umm - Mr Ferronnier, about that welding...)

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  1. I really like this piece, Ange. My favourite things...wood, metal, glass, and simplicity of line. Maya's words are perfect and just what i needed today. Thanks, Ange, you've boosted my spirit. I hope you and your loved ones had a great Christmas. Lizzy :)

  2. What a handsome lamp! Makes me think of 'striking out' to a new adventure! Such a clever one, you are!

  3. Love the lamp Ange, such a fabulous idea my kiwi friend. Have just returned from picking up some fabulous antqiue light fittings from a couple that are emigrating to Australia and we are going back tomorrow to collect a couple of cute old pint bedside tables and a fabulous twist oak corner cupboard that dates from the 1920's . They are selling a gorgeous dolls house - not sure if your girls already have one :-)

    A tres bientot,

    L x

  4. I like your light - looks like it would try to run off if you turned it on. Very always.

  5. Loving the lamp...the entire design...loving the blue color on the wall behind the lamp...that's my blue...loving Maya Angelou's quote...intend to do that this year...loving your lettering...did you know that I am a calligrapher too?
    loving your spirit!
    L :)

  6. Your posts are always so well written - so thoughtful and so wise. It certainly makes me think about reflecting a bit before moving forward~
    The lamp is lovely, and so you! Your creativity, it seems, is endless!

  7. Boy do I love this Ange! So very creative. The quote nicely rounds out the entire artistic project

    Warmest regards,

  8. Hi Ange
    Well I just love this lamp... you clever girl!! It has such personality. My only fear is it looks like it might just get up and walk off when you need it to be lighting the page of a book. I'm sure it is an adventurous little lamp!! Or perhaps it can follow you as you are picking up around the house!! It truly is so sweet and graced by your beautiful penmanship.

    Well I wish I could forget the 'lows' of 2009... might take me a bit longer... but remember the memories of the lows is what stops are making the same mistakes.. or so they say!! Have fun over here xxx Julie

  9. What a fabulous lamp, Ange. Wishing you the very best this coming new year. :)

  10. Now what a wonderful invention - a lamp that follows you round as you pick up around the house! How did you know I do that often? Julie - you're right about the memories of the lows helping us not to make the same mistakes (theoretically ;-). I think we are going to have a wonderful 2010 all!

  11. You are an inspiration! what a great lamp and that quote is so perfect; thank you for sharing; you make it all brighter.

  12. Fabulous lamp! Fun, quirky and such character, you're on a creative roll here.

  13. I love the lamp - it is so quirky and fun, and the words on the wood perfect. I am glad you resisted and left the wood untouched.


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