Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Expect Success

Determine that the thing can and shall be done and then we shall find the way.

- Abraham Lincoln

If you have been paying attention over the last few weeks Possums, what you should have been expecting, is the latest installment of 'The Paris Episodes.' And it is coming... you will have to watch this space regularly during the week but it will be before Saturday, I promise! That way I can add a bit of suspense to your week... Allez - too much routine makes Ange a dull artist!

Here at La Rivière, this festive season has been busy with the usual hustle and bustle associated with the run up to Christmas. Buying (and especially making) presents. Drinks with friends. End of school plays and recitals etc. The odd bit of footing when I can squeeze it in. Nothing out of the ordinary, it's the same for everyone the world over - with respect to your own festivities.

We get a little tiny piece of respite though in France...

Our Christmas cards...
Yep - they go out in January!

The custom here is to send New Year's wishes before January 31st. May I take this opportunity to be truly grateful and say "Alléluia" to that!! A whole month's respite! So I can now say that I am 'en avance' for preparing my New Year's wishes. See Mum! I'm not late with my Christmas card at all ;-)

I love to be very specific with mine depending on who I'm sending them to, and have just spent hours painting my 'wishsticks' for friends and family and for my sale on Saturday. I can't put any in my Etsy shop- not enough time- so it will have to be for next year. I'll put a photo up tomorrow though for Wishcasting Wednesday so you can make your own if you ... wish ;-)

So what can we wish for each other for the coming year? My whole professional raison d'être revolves around communicating 'positive:' now, tomorrow, for the coming year, and always. It's what I LOVE to do. It's the very goal of my calligraphy and my most fundamental belief. So here are a couple of my examples of work in progress.

I don't know about your friends and partners, but Beaker, and some of my other male friends seem to find the end of the year a big strain at work. Don't we all? But women in general tend to deal with it differently (I said differently not better). I know Millie's MOTH goes into overload so I guess there must be more out there than just our two. What about you Egmont?

This global end of year stress brought me round to making up some simple, hand-painted planks with the men in mind as well; at least in terms of colour choices. I also know a few of my girlfriends who could do with a bit of encouragement in their pursuits at this time (myself included ;-) so I'm in the process of whipping up some for our interiors too.

They're meant to be seen as a wee piece of positive reinforcement during those  'weak moments.' They're the perfect visual pick-me-up-take-a-deep-breath-in reminder to - Hang in there! It's all gonna be alright on the night!

Beaker, who is celebrating his birthday today, is going to receive one later as a surprise (as soon as it's finished as I've only done the first word on each piece!! Better get off this computer!). He shall be ordered to smuggle it into his office tomorrow and not come home until he has integrated it into his system: heart, mind and soul!!

Rightyo! I'm off to hit the planks.  Here are glimpses of a bigger, more complicated piece that I'll be finishing off before the end of January too. But you'll have to wish me every success!!! It'll give me the motivation to do so...


  1. Ange, wishing you lots of success you energetic kiwi you!

    Bon courage,

    Leeann x

  2. such.lovely.thinking.

    I would relish exchanging New Years wish cards

  3. Send very happy birthday greetings to Beaker - is that an excuse for Champagne, I do hope so

    Much Love

  4. Thanks Leeann!
    Lulu - everything is an excuse for champagne ;-)
    Elk - I would love to exchange a New Year's wish card with you if you like!

  5. I've been hit with your planks, and totally floored. They are excellent. I love the blue 'expect' and the next one down with the script beneath the blue paint would have to be on my wish list. Love the New Years card idea, especially now that you've reminded me that I'm late with Christmas ones, oh yeah, just when I thought I was pretty much on top of things. Lets just have a glass of bubbles and forget about them for a bit longer. Cheers.

  6. Ange - I just love the way all your positivity exudes out of the screen. I feel I can get on with the day now! Talk about end of year strain - Brunnel had such a tough 'lunch' yesterday, he had to come home and lie down on the couch for several hours. Yes - we all cope differently!!

  7. Champagne for all then I must say!! Although Brunnel sounds like he may just need ice cold water and a slice of lime ;-)

  8. Best wishes to you and of course to the Birthday boy! Have some bubbly for me...at least I know it will be French!

    Beautiful words as usual...


  9. I like the use of the letter mixed into the planks to which is overlapped the lettering. It makes my mind think creatively as I find myself still traveling with limited access to the outside world.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,

  10. HI Ange!!
    I have to say I like the idea of cards before January 31... I may even get some out myself this way...

    Well.. as you know ..this time of year for me is NUTS... but I haven't even thought about xmas yet.... 1 more week and I'll be able to start thinking about Santa and his reindeer...

    Love these planks today.,.. of course the blue doesn't unfairly influence me at all!!! hehehe

    Take care and have fun my friend.. xx Julie

  11. So glad to hear that MOTH isn't the only Chrissie Grinch/Grump! We have a very big weekend coming up where my Company picks up MOTH's complete tab at the Bar. If that doesn't cheer him up, I truly give up! You work is soooo gorgeous Ange, what absolute joy it must be bringing you.
    Millie ^_^

  12. Wishing you every success with your planks! I love what I see and can't wait to hear more. I must read on to hear the whole story. Looking forward to checking in!

    Thanks for following me...very kind :)
    Happy Creating!


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