Monday, December 7, 2009

Open the door and light the way... to Christmas!

On every door a Christmas wish...

... hand made with a dash of vintage and a touch of new.
This festive season, may you
open more doors...

A splash of crimson in a vintage jam jar lends an apéritif that Christmassy feeling...
for all my French friends who are watching their weight just before the big 'feast.'
Crimson (yes, they are radishes) compliments
vintage pink champagne perfectly.
Bon apétit!

An old bonbonnière ...
(Mmm - she used to be used for making home made nut or orange wine. You know the recipe: 40 nuts. 40 sugars. 40 days etc etc? NO? Leave a comment and I will send you the recipe. But to make it as well as my MiL... takes practice. And now I have her bonbonnière...)

...Lights the way for guests in the entrance.

Tomorrow (date of the Immaculate Conception) is the Fête de la Lumière in Lyon , when every house decorates their window sills with millions of candles to light the way for the passer by. Maybe I've taken a bit of poetic licence with the number of candles used.
It's reputed to be BEAU-TI-FUL!

For more beautiful vintage Christmas decorations you can visit
  Joan at Anything Goes Here.

By the light of my bonbonnière I shall now get back to my painting.
A luminous Crimson Christmas to all!


  1. I love the last picture... lights in a glass. It´s so beautiful... And first one - what a gorgeous door!:)

  2. This is so how I pictured your decorating style for Christmas! Your ideas are so original and each detail has a beautiful meaning behind it. What a magical feeling you have created...

    Best wishes always,

    PS I have no idea about the 40 days recipe...

  3. J'avais oublié la fête de l'immaculée Conception; on allait toujours à la messe cette journée là. Love your key for every door.
    Inspiring! merci

  4. A luminous Crimson Christmas to you also! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The festival of lights sounds wonderful...perhaps similar to the one I was lucky to see in Lucca, Italy in September! I love the bonbonniere....a beautiful piece...although I have never heard of the 40 nut recipe!
    Take care,Laura

  6. Beautiful decor Ange!
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday
    wishes you Carola
    from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

  7. How beautiful... oooh, I would so love to see all of the windowsills lit up... Bisous... Julie Marie

  8. I sure would love to be in Lyon to see all of the candles! I know it's got to be absolutely beautiful!
    Happy VCM!

  9. Your post {English, yea} was wonderful! Thanks for being a part of Vintage Christmas Monday! xo Joan, your hostess

  10. I want to do my door with a wee tag like this. We have a young friend in Lyon for 6 months, so I hope she sees your million???? candlelights. ha ha. Very pretty post Ange, but I'll pass on the radishes.

  11. Ange, I hung my beautiful decorations yesterday. They look lovely - even if my scandi style bare branch looks a little 'dead' instead! I am so lucky to have them! Thanks once again. xx


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