Friday, December 11, 2009

On a wing and a prayer...

I've been bustling busy making some New Year's wishes cards out of my home made photos (yes, I am aware that I'm not a fabulous photographer like this lovely lady) and the pages of a postcard album from around the early 1900's. I sort of liked the effect and the mix of modern glossy photo paper with worn out cardboard. Still have to fix extra card onto the back to make it both writable and stable...

Then I made these New Year's wish sticks from pieces of driftwood. There's something I love about the feel of driftwood. They still have to be bundled into little groups and tied up with pretty pieces of string. That will be for some time after midnight tonight by the look of things!

My little Christmas angels, made from old pegs are still waiting for faces, text and wings...

..that'll be for after dinner I think - if I can get the messmonsters into bed in time. I'll take photos when they're finished. It'll be like a tutorial in two parts.
At least the new planks are all finished and signed,
must take photos of those tomorrow on my stand.

All I need is to put a hood on my Mac
 and to get myself a pair of these
and I'll fly through it all ...

As the French say, " Pfff, Fingueur in ze nose!"
And they DO say that!

My first Christmas market since I officially stopped 'patine.'
Wish me luck...

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  1. HI Ange
    Love it all!! I've been messing around with some home made xmas cards myself but not getting very far... soon I hope...

    Well I LOVE your wish sticks!! Just perfect! And your Angels is making are very cute too.. can't wait to see the results..

    Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  2. What are you doing to me??? I don't need any more projects just now, but I'm so full of joy and enthusiasm after looking at these gems you're creating, I think I'm going to have to try some myself. I was planning to do little boxes of my white chocolate truffles for some friends at work, and I could tie them up with string and one of those little wish sticks worked into the knot. You'll be a huge success at the market. Have a great time.xx

  3. You are so clever, the cards are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the angels in their completed state.

    Good luck with the market, I am sure that you will do well :-)

    Bisous, L x

  4. You krafty kiwi you! I think your photos look great and aren't those angel slippers cute. I hope you have great success at the market :o)

  5. You are so creative;Love it and am intrigued with you wish sticks; never heard of that before;I have to find our; it would a fun thing to have when my family arrives.

  6. Thanks for the lovely, encouraging comments everyone.


    I don't know if anyone else has ever thought of making wishsticks. I only thought of them myself a couple of weeks ago but I'm sure someone else out there in the creative sphere must have had a similar thought one day. I was however the only one at the craft fair today with those and they were quite a hit ;-)
    It's just another way of sending wishes of goodwill for Christmas and the new year - and why not for birthdays and Christenings etc.

    You can make them yourself by finding tiny pretty pieces of driftwood on the beach. Paint a wee patch of white with gesso or acrylic paint. Then hand write a wish you may think a person may wish for (people had lots of fun today choosing for members of their family and friends)

    Mmm - I may do a tutorial on this tomorrow as I have just had a couple of other ideas for writing on them that do not involve a fine paintbrush or pen...

    Best wishes all ;-)


  7. I just woke and can't wait to hear how the sale went! You certainly have been busy and everything looks wonderful!!! I too have decided to do new years cards this year instead of Christmas - could it be my french blood, or that I have too much going on to manage it before Christmas...?
    A demain,

  8. Ange, c'est absolument magnifique ces petits bouts de bois flotté. Quelle belle idée !


  9. Those wish sticks are fab! I really love your signs too!

  10. I always enjoy my visits here, and this one is no exception. You are such a talented artist. I'm in the midst of making Christmas presents, too. Love your idea of wish sticks, i used to do something similar with flat stones. Your angel pegs take me back to when i was a child. My mom and i would make 'people' out of old clothes pegs. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful tales and seeing more of your work. Lizzy :)

  11. I wish you luck!
    Your cards are charming, I love the mix of old and new. All the things you do are so inspiring to me!

  12. Looks like you've been really busy. Some really nice ideas here - how did you first Xmas market go?

  13. Good lord you do downplay your talents!!!! I want to see the finished peg-angels - what a cute idea! Wish I could help you on the market stand!


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