Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making peg angels tutorial

A few of you were interested in my little vintage peg angels. So I thought I would show you how to make them...

To start off you will need the following ...

Some vintage pegs (I finished my stock and was lucky enough to find some copies in a local store). 
Gesso (found in most art and craft stores),
Ink (I used my favourite red ink from the Calligraphe and a mix of acrylic ink with grey gouache for the hair and face),

A paintbrush
A fine nib for drawing the eyes and mouth and what ever words you would like on the body
An old, irreparable book if you find it a bit too tricky to write the words on yourself
Here we go!

Start by painting a 'dress' onto your angel with the white gesso. You could use an acrylic paint if you like ... or even stick on some fabric instead...

If you are sticking on words from a book, place them while the gesso is still wet as it works great as a glue.  If you click on the picture, you'll see I used a vintage prayer book - seemed more fitting for angel messages...

If you are writing the words on, wait until the gesso is really dry (about 1/2 an hour) before you start or your nib will get clogged up.
Next, paint in the hair. I painted a 'playmobil' style as the pegs had a similar shaped head :-)

Then draw in the face. I like them with eyes shut and mouth open as if they were singing...

Draw your wings onto a piece of fabric like 'tarlatane.' Mine is from a ham curing bag that I found at our local supermarket in the preserves section. It's easiest to fold the material in half and draw one wing only - guarantees they are even on both sides once cut out.

Then make a line of glue along the middle crease in your wings and stick them on to the back of the angel.

Let your wings dry for at least half an hour before you turn your angel over and pick it up. Oh yes, these ones roll so prop something solid next to them so you don't ruin your work.

They are wonderful for closing a special package, decorating your tree or as a gift in itself with a wee Christmas message on it! My hand written ones are singing the chorus of 'Deck the Halls.'

If you would like to find out more secrets - don't miss Seth's Secret Sunday where more than 200 artists reveal their techniques and inspirations. You can find the SECRET SUNDAY button on my sidebar.
Blessings to all...

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  1. This is precious!! The perfect project to make with my children during the holiday... I look forward to getting to know you throughout 2010 in Creative Every Day!

    (Hooray hooray hooray!)

  2. Fabulous angels from a fabulous angel maker.

    Hope that you are all having fun in the snow. Went and visited some friends today who have had a lot of it, their dog loves to roll in it and then eat it.

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  3. Greetings to you Ange,

    Though my children are grown but not married as they are still in college, hopefully I can remember this in another fifteen years down the road, maybe less, and do this for the grandchild.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest regards and wishing you and your family all the very best this holiday season,

  4. I love the playmobil hairdos.I have already blantantly plagiarised your peg angels...their lips have a sardonic twist to them though...

  5. Would love to see some sardonic smiling angels!! C'mon - give us a look ;-)

  6. Love this tutorial Ange...thanks for sharing the secret to how you make these charming angels! :) Laura

  7. Hi Ange
    I think there will be a little Angel borrowing from this side of the basketball!! I just luuuvvv them so much!! they really resonate with me...[not the angelic part of course.., haha]

    Hope you are having fun.. I'm sure you are!!! catch you soon... after my visit to friends house in No Souci!!!! xxxxxxx Julie

  8. You make it look so easy!!! I have such an unsteady hand I would be sure to muck it up. I will just admire yours I think because they are true works of art!

    Best Christmassy wishes,

  9. Love that you founds nice little prayerbook words for your angels.

  10. Will definitely have a go at making some of these next year - alternatively, I could get you to make me some for my shop...if things go to plan!


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