Saturday, December 5, 2009

You can't get spoiled...

...if you do your own ironing.
Meryl Streep

Oh JOY!! Today I have been working on starting finishing some commissioned projects that clients and friends have ordered as Christmas presents. Luckily, I've been given virtually carte blanche to do as I please although we settled on the inspirational quotes together first. While gleefully fuffling through my bits and pieces of old papers and stamps etc etc etc, I came across this much loved image.

I adore this photo from the 2006 Amcal calendar (which I bought incidentally for its cover!). From the time I first laid eyes on her we have never been able to part, even though 2006, and my last holiday "home," is long behind me. To me she encapsulates the meaning of life! Not because I am the housework queen in particular, I assure you!

No, it's her overall Joyful, thumb nosing, 'thrrrbbbbb' raspberry blowing, attitude in the face of drudgery!

Before Enlightenment: fetching wood, chopping water. After Enlightenment: fetching wood, chopping water ;-)

She has graced my work with her enthusiasm several times, notably in this one which I sold the other day much to Beaker's dismay. It was one of my first, and his favourite ( he's a mercenary at heart so is not really devastated that I let her go... if you catch my drift ;-).

If you look closely you'll find her in the letter A
(for Aimer which means LOVE in French):

Messmonsters back at school, the Christmas season is upon us and
I'm filled with a joy that I can't contain...
...even if I do still have to do my own housework!

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you are still full of Christmas cheer! I cannot wait to see that Christmas tree of yours! I bet your place looks sensational!

    I have been meaning to post this link for days but our whole family has had a cold. I am going to bed right's only 8:15...I am very sad and sniffly and I have a cough...

    This is a fantastic recipe and you must add the vanilla pod!

    See you Monday for the tree unveiling!

    Best wishes always, Natasha.

  2. It is a great image...I love it too! Not only is the red exciting and fun...but her stance says "I'm just being me"...
    I love your art work...
    Your joy is infectious!
    Have a great Saturday!
    Take care, Laura

  3. Whaou! Angela, did you know that in a very certain way you've got the "coach attitude", all your inspiration is so filfulling...
    You must continue!
    I'm watching the space! Nath.

  4. Hey Angela
    I love her sassy attitude... She knows how to let loose... I bet she is a lot like you!!

    Glad your having fun anticipating xmas...xx Julie

  5. Ange, love her bring-it-on attitude, and I bet you fly around singing while you're flickin away the dust. With Xmas coming it does all become less of a chore, 18 sleeps to go. Am enjoying your art, more please.

  6. She certainly is inspiring, isn't she? I think I need a little red dress to drink my cosmos in!
    Best of luck this coming week getting all sorts of christmas things done with the wee ones out for the day. I certainly hope to do the same!

  7. I love the collage work on this piece!


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