Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Light the Way to Redefining the Impossible!

Beaker's choice of a phrase to enhance our new "old" dining room table was a toss up between "Light the Way" (Let nothing dim the light that shines from within) and, "Redefine the Impossible" (don't be afraid to do something just because it's impossible).

He finally, and thankfully opted for 'Light the Way.'  As resolutely positive as I am, I'm not sure that I could cope with having to encourage my messmonsters' pursuits at redefining the impossible everytime we sit down to breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have enough trouble getting them to follow some semblance of order at the best of times.

It also dawned on me that, I might like to enjoy that solitary glass of wine in silence at the table in the evening, without feeling like I have to take on the world in the ensuing 3 seconds.

Yes! 'Light the way,' is uplifting, not to mention an interesting topic for discussion during meals with the messmonsters. Much more appropriate than, 'Mum, what's that big stain of Orange paint outside the garage?' for example...

(Umm, Er, Sorry SkippY)

My eternal gratitude, Maya Angelou, (I believe you uttered that wisdom) for providing a conversation starter/alternative/diversion...


  1. a glass of wine in silence how blissful!!!!
    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog, I am loving your Art work...
    :) Cate

  2. And thanks for leaving a message on mine. Tonight, during my blissful glass of wine in silence, my toast will be to you! Welcome to my blog


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