Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baaaaaaarrrrrrr celona! (Thanks Freddy)

I disappeared to Barcelona for the weekend, without warning anyone. I like disappearing. Makes me feel...

 ... magic.

Barcelona has no fear of form or colour. It is a full on swirl of rainbow music, a myriad of words one on top of the other, underneath and inside as well, with NO PUNCTUATION! Breathing in and out is almost a simultaneous action with no pause. Everything exists all at once... with a permanent exclamation mark!

You don't go for a run through Barcelona - you fly through it. From Besos (Kisses) to The Big W (Hotel, not supermarket for the Aussies ;-) this was my 15k run on a 22° Saturday evening Barcelona style in no particular order, as there is no order: La Femme au Chocolat, 20 year olds in shorts and bare feet off the beach, naked men off the beach, Hewy Lewis and the News, 20year olds in green stockings black opened toed heels and patterned shirts, Don't Leave Me This Way, Miro statues, Whale monuments, Surfersinandoutofthewater, boysbands, transsexual parades, The Eagles, into the less touristy Parca de la Citadella (less than the Parc Guell at least) and its fabulous world of marginality. Real Life. Art and movement in fluid form: jugglers, capoeira, volleyballers, acrobats, singers, dancers, rollerbladers, spanish guitar, cobbled streets, flashes of yellow. Flash, swirl, poof and my feet have left the ground for my wings are out and I am no longer breathing. I have merged with and become Barcelona in all its colour...

Quite simply alive with inspiration!

Phew! I'll be back to normal tomorrow.
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  1. Wow Ange,
    Sounds great, to be able to dissappear for a few days to let your breath be taken away and your wings to sprout, just for a few days!
    How exciting to be able to do that.
    Thanks for visiting and passing by :)

  2. Lucky you, I am very jealous! I adore Barcelona as it is one of my favourite cities.

    A bientot,

    Leeann x

  3. Me too re Barcelona fabbo city, lucky girl.

  4. Wow.. Quite envious.. of both your visit to Barcelona and your energy

    I have not yet made it to Spain. In the one day files! Have a good one.. Julie


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