Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Marathon Awards or 7 things you (never) wanted to know about ME!

  Upon my return from Barcelona I was amazed (and pretty chuffed) to have received a Kreativ Blogger award from Julie at BeingRuby. Julie thinks she is the boring workaholic and that Ruby is the adventurer... But Ruby would be nothing without the hardworking Julie, with whom I share a love of adventure and far off places. I also hope to acquire her photographic talents by osmosis some time in the near future. In any case thanks Julie, and I look forward to sharing many adventures with you - which you may wish to opt out of once you have read the "7 things about me" part below ;-)

1) I'm an incurable optimist. I am incapable of seeing problems until I'm so deep into them that I am farrrrrr up the creek in the proverbial barbed wire canoe. Had  I been on the Titanic, I would not have seen the danger until I found myself floating in ice cold water clutching for dear life onto a piece of drift wood. And then I would surely have been rescued and taken it home as a reminder of my great adventure, to paint on.

2) I have been told that I could sell ice to the eskimos. This is probably true, as long as it's not my ice, and I like the said ice. I can however, staunchly defend, coach and 'sell' any one of my friends or their products. This is one of my more redeeming features!

3) I am a smiler. I really do believe that Laughter is the Music of the Soul so Yes! Definitely a smiler! I thought I never frowned, until the other day at my yearly dermatologist check up when it was politely suggested that I botox into oblivion the unsightly frown line just between my eyes.  Ahh - the joys of aging in a plastic society! Oh well - at least I don't have some sort of obscure skin problem to cope with...!!

4) I have soooooo much energy that I believe it has become my moral obligation to my family and the entire Earth in general, to take Dr Jekyl mummy out for a run, bike or rockclimb at least 3 times per week so I don't turn into Mr Hyde too regularly.

5) I absolutely detest cabbage (unless raw) in any form. This did not prevent me from reluctantly accepting 8 dinner invitations during my first year in Paris to enjoy 'home made' sauerkraut (choucroute) because I didn't have the heart to say no once I heard, "You don' like cabbage? Tha's cos you no taste my Maman's Choucroute."
6) For my 30th birthday in Paris I had asked for nibs, ink and paper from all my friends in order to begin to learn the art of calligraphy. I ended up starting 5 year's ago in Toulouse and cannot imagine ever leaving my lessons with Anne and 'the group' on a Thursday morning.

7) Before my 40th birthday - I will set up a fair trade project with Tibetan and other Asian minority women's groups. Every decade needs its corresponding goal!

     Now, it seems that I must share the good fortune, a bit like a fortune cookie, and pass the Kreative Blogger Award on. Sooooo these are the people and their blogs (other than Julie's) that have the most inspired me since I fell into blogland...

    Small Footprints @ SmallFootprints

    Wow - now that was a marathon! If you got this far down: these are my wishes for you too!


    1. Wow, thanks Ange! My first award! I am truly honoured and would like to thank my husband, my parents, my kids....

      Seriously, I really am loving blogging and "meeting" people like you, so getting this is the icing on the cake.

      Congratulations to you also for being the recipient of the Kreative Blgger award-you truly deserve it as your blog is so beautiful and very witty. It was great to get to know your culinary habits and if we ever meet I will make sure that we don't share a bowl of cabbage!

      Best wishes, NM.

    2. Congradulation!!!
      You deserve this award!!!
      Well done and I've got to say that you have the coach attitude too!
      Thank you for creating this blog!
      Bravo! Nath.

    3. Hey Ange!
      Well it would seem you are the Yin to my Yang. hehe.. You are a smiler me a frowning thinker. You are an optimist and 'jump-er in-er', I am a must think out every detail and 'will the heck it work-er' ... I could go on.. haha..
      So it just shows that no matter what differences exist within individuals, art, photography and the sea speak a common language.

      So glad you decided to take up the calligraphy. Something I have always been interested in but never pursued. I think you do it well enough for all of us.

      Now.. about that botox...??? A dermatologist made this suggestion? oooops.. haha

      Have a great week... Thursday morning is almost here. ciao ciao x Julie

    4. Merci beaucoup mon ami! Your list made me smile as we are very similar, the french keep telling me to slow down and I am the eternal optimist and a firm believer that when you smile you alwys get one back!

      A vendredi kiwi girl

      Leeann x

    5. A truly fabulous list Ange! I adore optimism & energy too, how dark & dingy the world would be without people who run wild & snub their noses at those who tell them to calm down & be sensible!
      Millie ^_^

    6. Thanks for the super encouragement! It gives me just the push to keep going! Millie - I tried for 14 years to be sensible and fit to 'expectations' I finally grew out of it 3 years ago! Life has been so much better (for everyone) since!

    7. What a wonderful list - it is amazing how similar we are!


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