Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flower Power

S'il n'y a plus de fleurs dans le jardin...
il faut aller en cueillir ailleurs...

Ajoutons un peu de couleur à nos vies ...
C'est l'automne, un peu d'orange fera l'affaire! En plus, c'est écrit! Elle est capable de sauver une vie!


  1. HI Ange
    Love the car powered by flowers!!
    Thanks for your kind comments. I think it is one of my favourite posts!

    Have a great Blue & Green Sunday!! Julie

  2. It's another of the great cars on l'Ile d'Yeu! Stay tuned for some more blue ... I have played with them manually with ink and calligraphy - just have to convince my MAC to accept them scanned ;-)

  3. one of our neighbours has a passion for 2CV - I'll have to take a photo for you, they're great, tomato red with magic roundabout flowers!

  4. That would be wonderful! I would love to see it. I am returning to L'Ile d'Yeu for the Toussaint holidays and am going on a 2cv hunt with my camera (will not forget it this time - last time had to use the mobile phone!!)


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