Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fabulously French Bubbles

Today is normally my footing day. (If you need to brush up on your 'French vernacular' more about footings here). But I was too excited. I had a special visitor coming and I wanted everything to be just Fabulous for her when she arrived.
Fabulous she was is, fabulous was the meeting up of two Kiwi French vintage enthusiasts, FaaaaBulous was the sparkling pink champagne (Forget Brimont - now there's a story I must remember to tell you!).
And fabulous will be my 'footing' tomorrow in Millau where I shall endeavour to make it through the 20km and 1200m elevation that make up the short VO2 Course des Templiers.  Oh dear! It is nearly midnight so the tomorrow may become today in the blink of an eye!

May I be as light as that pink champagne bubble tomorrow as its memory whispers inside my head  'Enthusiasm, Possible, Enthusiasm, Possible ...'


  1. Oh My Ange
    You must be much fitter and healthier than me!! haha These days it is a struggle to run for the bus!

    Well how Fabulous to meet up with another blogger, and an expat kiwi at that! What a small world it really is!

    Have fun xx Julie

  2. With all the food and champagne - you have to keep fit. Only French women (and perhaps miss FAB) have a natural tendency towards slimness and elegance...It's 6.15am. I have my cuppa in my hand. The countdown for the said 'bus' is on (we are leaving in a minibus!) You must come over one day - you'd get two bloggeuses in one!!

  3. Sounded like a fabulous meeting, I've no doubt you'll accomplish run in record time.

  4. Go with the bubbles my girl!
    Anyone that has a heart full of friendship and a body full of bubbles will always make it to the top!

  5. Rightyo girllies! I made it back in one piece! Funniest thing was - they had me down as being born in 1900 so I guess I won for my category then!!!

  6. What a fabulous day it was! I hope that we have many more of them.

    A tres bientot my petit blonde kiwi friend,

    L xx

  7. Ange, I adore your blog and am so happy that you found me so that I could find you!!! I have a friend who lives in Toulouse and can't wait to visit in the coming years~
    Aannndd... do you sell your glorious marvelous signs?

  8. Hi Mimi,
    Yes - I do sell my artwork (in France for now) but am having trouble getting answers back from MAF in NZ and the equivalent quarantine authorities in other countries as my products are wood! Think I will start up my Etsy shop this week anyway!

  9. "Dans chaque petite chose il y a un Ange..."
    Bravo Ange...pour ton blog, un rayon de soleil sur le net et merci pour cette journée pleine de surprises pour Paulinette, émerveillée!!! Un Ange dans la maison du bonheur...bon Anniversaire Libellule....

    Béa ou "AB" en Anglais.


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