Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Past lives...

Once upon a time I used to transform old chandeliers and other abandoned objects like this ...

Into faaaaabulous sparkling diamonds and eternal stars like this...
Now, painting then wiring up a chandelier of this dimension is an absolute 'casse tête' as the French would say - which is why, exceptionnellement, we decided to abandon the idea in favour of the candle option. But numerous are the other chandeliers that I spent many an hour and bottles of wine on a winter's evening patiently swearing to myself while trying to "push a camel through the eye of a needle..." electrifying 'em up!

Now, while most days I paint my wordsonwood, I also host small workshops on giving fleamarket finds a new lease of life... Stay tuned for some handy hints on transforming your treasures!!


  1. Hi Ange
    I love your wordsonwood! Fabulous.
    I thought I left a message somewhere last night... but possibly not.. I am under the influence of FLU!! haha.. worse than alcohol!

    I just adore OLD Blue at the bottom of your page. I have an old green.. but no longer so comfortable nor so stylish. Great to find your blog. Julie

  2. Hmmm - I have to scrutinise your blog more closely to find your 'old green.' Was quite trilled to find your blog too! If you make yourself a decent grog you can conveniently mix alcohol AND flu with complete justification ;-)

  3. Hi Ange, (I also thought I left a comment previously) am thrilled to see 'light the way writ large' on the table


  4. That's it! - the case of the disappearing comments. Two out of two were not received by YOURS TRULY the first time. Had I received them, there may still have been time to save me from the last glass of wine in the bottle.... Lulu - would love to have you at my table anytime!

  5. Ange, fabuuuuulous darling! I love that lustre and the chandeliers on the mantle are gorgeous.

    A bientot,

    the other kiwi in France :-)

  6. I can't wait for your tips on giving flea market finds a new life. The whole idea of taking something old and making it new again excites me ... it's recycling at it's finest and something that we often forget about in favor of a brand-new, store-bought item. Unfortunately, that leads to over filled landfills.

    I love your site!

    Small Footprints

  7. Hey Fabulously French - I did the lamps too with old candelabras from my neigbour's attic. In fact - I do love helping people to do up what they already have or what they've found in fleamarkets. Have been making new from old for 8 years now's still fun.

    Now it's more fun teaching people to do it themselves so will definitely put some hints up. Promise, next pair of appliques I do up, I will duly document it on blog!

    Thanks miss Footprints. The whole idea behind it all is in fact the reuse recycle one! Seems such a shame to dispose of things that can be given new wings... Even my planks are old doors, floor or roofing boards or even pieces of wine cases...


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