Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Quick

The messmonsters are in the shower (homework dutifully done), my orange paint coated wooden printing blocks are soaking in the sink next to the chicken's head that I just chopped off and was saving for stock, the chicken that I thought had been cooking for the last hour is in fact still raw in the cold (ie: not turned on) oven and I just have time to get the washing in before the evening damp falls.  3 seconds to be inventive for a yummy, healthy dinner on plates within the next ten minutes... Looks like it's broccoli and feta omelette for dinner again.   WITH A SMILE! Will someone check in on me later to see if my heart rate's gone down??? Arrrrrgh - the shower's stopped...


  1. Just checking in Ange. Are you still there? Remember to breathe.


  2. Just about to write my next post. Diswasher humming gently. Cup of tea at my elbow (NB Must remember to move it forward a bit ;-) Messmonsters breathing deeply and time for me to work in peace again


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