Monday, October 26, 2009

L'Aveyron: Off the beaten track

This weekend I ran for my life. On and on, up and down, around and across the Aveyron region looking for inspiration (or a bit of Roquefort cheese and l'Aligot more precisely).
After 20kms and 1000m elevation, as well as a quick wander round the gorgeous little village of Nant, this is what I came up with:

At the end, it's the feet that suffer most (and the thighs, ohhh the thighs)

But that's not the worst of it...

Feeling a bit shabby? Need a pick me up...

Or maybe something more substantial from the local boulangerie!

Mmm - over 5000 people flooded in for the races over the weekend. That's one busy baker!

I needed more. A girl needs to pamper herself after a race... Maybe a new handbag?

Just me: vintage, reused, recycled...
... into a letter box!

I needed a shower then - and with parking being difficult...

(Must be tricky getting your car out of that one!)

The race was back the hotel!
Looking forward to the next adventure though...
These little French villages all have a story to tell
so if I come back a bit shabby maybe,  it's definitely uplifting!


  1. Fabulous post, sounds like you had lots of fun!

    L xx

  2. I think we would have a ball hitting the VGs together in some of these small villages! We should try it one day... We could call the trip "Budgies on Speed do Rural France" or, 'Budgies on the run in France!' ;-)

  3. But, did you find the cheese!!!!!!

    Love this post-How do you find these treasures?

    Best wishes, NM.

  4. Hi Ange, just found your blog via Leeann @ fabulously french. What fun to get together with another blogger who just happens to be a kiwi (as am I!)Looking forward to following you.

  5. Found the cheese NM (but you MUST race before you find it other wise .....) The treasures were outside in the street just waiting to be found and I snuck through the open doorway of the boulangerie to get the bread!
    Ange - always great to find a namesake! ;-)

  6. Enjoying your adventures in English and French.

  7. When I was in Nant I met this woman!
    She made the huge old metal key that unlocked my bedroom door in the beautiful old
    Great to know she's still in Nant!

  8. What a wonderful event to participate in and your images are exquisite!

  9. What a lovely adventure! Love the photos and the commentary. I'm happy I passed by.

  10. To Sharon, Rose Woods and Scribe - thank you for coming by! Do come back - I have more adventures to share!!


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