Thursday, October 15, 2009

Counting my Blessings

Hmm - no I haven't finished all I (unrealistically) set out to do, but I have laughed often and much! Have YOU?


  1. j'adore ton blog ...
    I did a lot to do, I am quite proud of myslef as I almost reached all my goals, and strike off the list a dozen of things to achieve ... but i worked non stop from this morning ... till a few minutes ago.
    but now you mention it, I may not have laugh as much as i should.
    I will definitely compensate that tomorrow :) :)

    lots of plans for tomorrow ...

  2. Ahh Sabine, I will check in on you from time to time to make sure you are laughing then! Laughter is the music of the soul you know ;-)

  3. 9a me plait vraiment beaucoup ce que tu fais, c'est magnifique ....;
    Bonne journée

  4. I have just had a wonderful time looking through your blog! What a treat. I really LOVED your cheesecake story and I can't believe you can buy Buderim ginger over there. I LOVE Buderim and do you know the photo on my banner? It was taken at Mooloolaba...have you been there?
    I am SO signing on to follow you!

    Thanks also for coming to visit my blog. Hope that I might see you there again soon! Best wishes, NM.

  5. Mooloolaba was my beach for 6 years and still is for my family and friends on Buderim! I looooove your photo too - I will take a closer look at Mooloolaba beach next time I get back home! I will be back to see you tomorrow! Ange

  6. My philosophy is always "it will all get done, someday, maybe not as well as you hoped but it will all get done". seems to keep me sane, mostly....-kate

  7. HI Ange
    Well this week has been a crazy hectic one for me.. somehow though, although I have achieved much, only in a work sense so doesn't feel as glorious as I would like! hehe

    I love your 'fire door' below... lovely .. and I have a soft spot for boats... so think your petits bateaux just wonderful.

    Thanks for your lovely comments. They cheer my day. Julie

  8. Ange- I saw your comment at NM's. You can substitute one cup of all purpose flour plus one teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2 tsp. of salt for one cup of self rising flour. I hardly ever buy self rising and always substitue. I do love to cross things off my "to do" list! :)--no matter how small.

  9. For Kate, I think the message I sent you got lost in the great email sorting station in hyperspace. I too am of your opinion and more so as I get older (vive la vieillesse!)
    Julie, One of your adventures must be to come over on a fabulous airplane and we will sail somewhere by boat!
    Susan, you are a lifesaver - I can now keep using my organic flour!

  10. Vraiment interessant la juxtaposition de mots et la mise en perspective de certains !!!pensée positive quand tu nous tient ...

  11. I love it that you paint/create on found wood.

    I used to do that once upon a time and maybe one day I'll post about it.

    x Robyn


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