Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wine boxes, book boxes : Necessity is the mother of invention!

Eureka! The messmonsters' bedside tables are recycling history!
 It always seemed a shame to send all those gorgeous French wine boxes to the cinders but I was at bit of a loss as to how to use them otherwise.

Hurray for messmonsters then! No matter how much I tidied their room, there was always a pile of books on the floor next to the bed (not necessarily an indication that they were reading them but hey, there's always hope!)

Typical weekly scenario:

Me (with vaccy cleaner in hand) - Kids, would you please tidy your books into the book case?
Messmonsters - Sure Mum! Grumble grumble, but I'm playing.
Me - If the books aren't picked up in 5 mts I will vacuum them up! (hoping that the 5 year old wouldn't tilt)
Messmonsters - Get real The books won't fit up the vacuum cleaner Mum!
Me - (Not silly are they? Must be mine ;-)

After a quick visit to Bubble in Paris and a subsequent tour of Ethan's room - I spied a fabulous invention that would put paid to my nagging, tidy the books, and make vacuuming easier: THE BOOK BOX.

Recipe: 1 wooden wine box, 4 funky wheels, paint (non toxic obviously) an hour or so to throw the lot togther!

What do you think?

Lilibelle got pink but I just couldn't resisit a splash of orange in Pokémon's one!


  1. These look lovely - are the messy ones using them as book boxes though - or as oversize roller skates?

  2. Mummy fills them soooo full of books they can't lift them out anymore! I would use them as rollerskates for quickly whipping the vaccy around though! Yipeee - you're back!!

  3. Hello kiwi girl, what are you doing with all the lids of the wine boxes? We need some stamped lids for a project that we are working on.

    A bientot,

    Leeann - another kiwi in France

  4. Coucou Angie, Juste pour te souhaiter une bonne journée !!! Sympas tes idées, la winebox me plait bien !!! Bises Caro


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